Silidyn Trial

The second post this year regarding supplements, I’m taking my health very seriously! I am still quite shallow, the reasons I take the supplements is mainly because I want my hair, skin and nails to look and feel the best they can, any extra health benefits are just a plus for me. 

However, when I was sent the information on Silidyn, I was more interested in the benefits it can have on bones and joints, as there is a history of arthritis in my family, and I have been told I have possible arthritis in my thumbs (I think we can blame typing and iPhones for that!) so, taking a supplement that could help to either ease the symptoms, or perhaps slow down the progression of it, if that’s what it is, was something I was willing to try. 

There are many factors to the bone conditions affecting the UK population, but it’s believed low levels of silicon are a major contributing factor. Adding silicon to our diets can help restore, and improve growth and renewal of skin, hair and bone cells. In it’s natural form, in fruit and vegetables, we can struggle to get a high enough quantity, and it’s not easily absorbed by the body, making it a difficult supplement to provide, until Silidyn was developed.

Silidyn contains a bio-available form of silicon, when the liquid form is mixed with water or juice, it transforms the stabilised silicon into an easily absorbable Ortho Silicic Acid. 

Silidyn Trial

It was noted in the information that it is completely tasteless, but, being the untrusting person that I am, I seriously doubted that to be true. I would never be able to do a bushtucker trial, at the mere thought of something tasting or smelling foul, I’m done. So, I took the first few sips tentatively, waiting for the strong taste to hit. But, true to their word, it has no taste at all. None. I have no idea how, but I am very very happy! You simply add 8-10 drops to your drink, before food or coffee, give it a quick stir and drink it. That’s it. 

Silidyn Trial

One tiny bottle contains around 8-10 weeks worth of supply, and you start to notice changes around week 3, I would say. My nails have always been strong and fast growing, but my hair, after it’s many attacks last year, is still in recovery stage, and, as I said, my thumbs are sore and stiff by the end of the day, where I have to ‘tuck’ them into my hands and not use them, to help ease the discomfort. After using Silidyn for the last 6 weeks, I have noticed a huge change in my hands and my hair is starting to feel less fragile, there is less on the brush and in the plughole and certainly less breakage when I style it. 

For me, this one was all about my bones. I am not the biggest fan of dairy, unless you count my daily latte, so I’m more than aware of the fact that my bones probably don’t get the calcium they need, coupled with my lifestyle, lack of exercise gene, and general diet coke addiction, plus the genetic factor, it really is something I need to take more seriously. 

Amazingly, Silidyn are offering 5 readers the chance to try a course for themselves!

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  • Giveaway is open to UK & Ireland residents only, aged 18 and over and closes on 1st February 2017. The winners will be contacted within 48 hours. 

This is not a sponsored post, I was sent a sample to try and all views and opinions are, as always, my own!