My name is Kate and I am unemployed. Yup. That job that was dragging me down and making me more miserable than I care to admit? I’ve left. Handed my notice in. See ya!

As happy as that makes me, and my god it makes me happy, I’m sort of left here, thinking, shit! But it’s ok, it’s going to be ok! The world is my oyster at the moment and I can do whatever the hell I want to do with my life. Within reason obviously, I’m a mama first and foremost and I can’t see the teenager agreeing to up sticks and move to another country so I can live out my fantasies of writing in New York, Paris or a deserted Island. Plus, do Islands even have wifi….. 

Freelance Life

Actually, do you know what? I’m not unemployed, I’m freelance. Going solo. I’ve realised, at the grand old age of 36 that I work better on my own terms and I’m pretty good at getting shit done.  I’m throwing myself back into social media, because (I like to think) I know how to do it well and I have this lovely little corner of the internet all to myself. 

Big fat smiley face. 

I am so grateful that I have this opportunity and I am going to make the most of it. I love writing my blog, I fell out of love with it for a while, but that was due to being zapped of enthusiasm for anything in the old place, but now I’m back. Like Arnie. 


I’m not claiming to be an amazing blogger with ground breaking content, but, for me, writing is my thing. Like some people have running (I know, I don’t understand that either) I have writing.

It’s my stress relief. I can make myself feel better about a situation by writing it down, describing it, analysing and resolving it on my screen and then, either deleting it or posting it for you to read! I used to be wary of over-sharing, but, nah. I’m all over that now! You only have to read my Instagram posts to realise I’m not one for a short update! 

I like to write honestly. Not just in a polite way, a real way. How I type is how I think. I am far too sarcastic, I swear in pretty much every single sentence, and I have a filthy mind. I don’t like rude people or crap service and I’ve finally reached a stage in my life where I feel like I can say what I think without worrying (too much) about how that makes me look. I’m generally (quite) a nice person so I think it balances out ok! And, lets be honest, who’s got time to faff about with not being honest! 

I’ve also realised how many times I used the word “I” in that last sentence. Lets work on that shall we Kate? 

So, I guess it’s now a case of working my backside off to get Life Daily out there, working with people I love and just sharing the shit out of my life. You can’t wait can you? 

Watch this space.