We’re in the final stretch, one kiddo has finished for summer, the other one is finishing in two hours. There are no more school runs for 6 and a bit weeks, no uniforms to wash, PE kits to find, homework to argue over – absolute heaven!!

Of course, that’s not counting the arguments they’ll have with each other, apparently two kids can’t sit on the sofa at the same time without there being some sort of war, there’s no TV programme they both agree on, activities are fun to one and boring to another – but hey! Can’t have it all can you!

I’m starting work in a few weeks, like a proper grown up 9-5 job three days a week and I literally cannot wait, to speak to adults that have NO connection to my kids, to wear work clothes, to pretend to be a fully functioning adult for 3 days a week!? Come to mama!!! It’s kind of the best of both worlds, three days a work, four days with the kids/at home. And in the meantime, we get a few weeks of lay ins, a weeks sun in Spain and there are some *seriously* good days out planned.

So, summer holidays, we’re ready for ya!!!

(and if you think that photo is a bit dodge for a main pic, have a look at the options I was left to choose from…..)