Being a ‘kept’ woman.


Yeah. That’s an attention seeking title huh?

I am, at this moment in time, classed as a kept woman. I know, how 21st century of me. My husband (the bloke) goes out to work every weekday, and I stay at home doing homely things, like looking after our kids, keeping the house tidy(ish) and tapping away on my little piece of the internet. I had to fill in a form the other week and needed to tick a box that said I was ‘supported’ by the man of the house. How rude, I reckon we support each other thanks and shit.

I don’t have an actual job no. I’m not studying anymore & I don’t plan to go to uni next year either. So what exactly am I doing with my time? Why haven’t I found a job yet? How can I be satisfied as a kept woman not earning her own money? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN? DON’T YOU UNDERSTAND FEMINISM??

I hear ya.

But you know what? I’m ignoring you. Because, right now, this works for us. Ok, I’m not bringing in hundreds or thousands of pounds each month, but I’m also not spending it on childcare either. I’m here when the kids get in, I’ll be here in the half term and the summer holidays instead of paying someone to be there for them, and, here’s the best bit, I get to lay in with them for 6 whole weeks. So, up yours.

Not really.
Well, a little bit up yours.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t plan to do this forever, I would be SO bored after a while. But I do have things to do during the day, and believe it or not, this blog does actually keep me busy AND provides a teeny tiny bit of money occasionally, so if I’m happy, the bloke is happy and the kids are happy (well, the teenager isn’t always happy but that’s another story) then, in the nicest sense, what the f*ck has it got to do with you? This is what works for us, and we’re going to carry on doing it for as long as we like.

I am lucky that the bloke is able to ‘support’ me & also gets that I don’t want to farm our kids off somewhere so I earn just enough to pay for childcare. But he’s also lucky because he can flit around and do all his work stuff without even a second glance at the calendar or kid activities because I’m here. Plus, hello? Have you seen his wife? Hot as…..

It’s a win win situation.

Life isn’t about ticking boxes and fitting into the norm. It’s about making memories and being happy. However that happens. We have chances to make memories every day, like watching my sons face as the plane took off on his first ever flight, or seeing my teenager dancing in the kitchen when she thinks I’m not watching (then hitting me when she realises I am and oh how we laugh…) seeing the bloke look at me like I’m the only woman in the world while we sneak a weekend away together.

They are the moments that count. Living a life to create memories, find adventure, take risks and be happy, that’s what it’s all about.

If you don’t agree with me, then you’re wrong. Soz and that.

Peace out.





  1. Pat
    May 25, 2016 / 12:08 pm

    You go girl! Tell it how it us, money is great., but what’s the old saying “money isn’t everything” much better to have happy kids and hubby, until it suits your circumstances to return to work.

    • Katie
      May 25, 2016 / 5:23 pm

      Thanks! You’re right, money isn’t everything! I’d much rather have memories and fun! x

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