A little catch up

It feels like forever since I’ve blogged properly. My last proper post, how to make the best Croque Monsieur was in August and, being a recipe post, it still didn’t feel like a real blog.

I decided to take the summer off from here, as much as I love my own little slice of the internet and I adore writing, I think I became a bit too overloaded. Reading so many inspiring blogs, glossy magazines, social media stories, it can actually steal away your own ideas. You want your blog to be as good as the ones you love, but then you end up with a blank page and no idea what to write! I found that stressing about what to say was interfering with the rest of my day, who needs a snappy mother while you’re on your summer holidays!

So, summer holidays over with, kids (finally) back to school, and the hint of a routine back in place, I feel like I can come back to Life Daily and give it the proper effort it deserves. Plus, Autumn always makes me feel like a fresh start, I think the eternal student in me will always see September as the new year, rather than January!

I realised, that forcing myself into having a structure for this blog is one of the reasons I can’t think of anything to write. You know the old saying, if you tell me I have to do something, you can bet I won’t. Or something like that. But, those times, when I have no agenda, are probably (possibly?) when I write best, because it just sort of flows, like we’re having a conversation with each other. Albeit it’s me doing all the talking, but I’ve always said you’re a great listener……

So, time for a little catch up? Lets grab a cuppa and get comfy.

It’s been a funny old summer. Both my kids are growing up, fast, and I think this summer was one of the first where it felt completely chilled. H was often busy with her friends, but when she was home, it was like having a friend around, she’s at that age now, where she’s not quite a child, not quite an adult, so there are still moments where I shake my head in amazement (don’t ask her to look for something, even if it was waving pompoms and had neon signs above it, she still won’t find it) but it’s felt like I’ve had a partner in crime during the days she’s been here, which has been amazing. C is still like a puppy, needs constant exercise (and food it would seem) to help him make it through the day without going mad, or, driving me mad, but he’s a gorgeous boy, so loving and hilarious. They, of course, wind each other up to the point of possible murder, but the love between them is so strong. If you catch a glimpse of them during the simpsons, one of them will have their limbs over the other, or a head on a lap, hair twiddling, hand holding. Gorgeousness.

We’ve had an amazing summer, a beautiful holiday to Nerja with my parents, which was so lovely. We also visited Alton Towers (there’s a post to come on that) water parks, the beach, we’ve had picnics, cinema trips, visited friends, the kids have played golf, picked fruit, gone crabbing and basically had a blast!

I’ve got myself a ‘proper’ job. I work three full days a week, in an office, with actual real life people. It’s been a bit of a shock to the system if I’m honest, being back in the workplace, learning a complete new system and a lot of technical terms, but, 5 weeks in, I think I’m doing good, and I love how fast the days go. I also *really* appreciate my two days off now!

It’s taken a bit of a juggling act during the holidays, but now we’re back to school (despite C having a day off already due to a burst water pipe!) I’m hoping it will be easier. After-school clubs, childminders and mates – lets hope no one gets sick! Obviously I’m not the first, or the last, mama to do this, but I’m proud of how we’re doing, and how the kids are helping. Me being back at work will be such a huge help to our family, and, to my braincells, it’s a fab feeling.

There are lots of plans in the pipeline, lots of things we want to get on with. A little bit more travelling this year, a lot of travelling next year. Decorating, events, the diary is packed. It feels like 2016 is practically over already!

Weekends are precious, especially with a teenager in the house, who hasn’t spent a weekend at home with us for the past 4 weeks, next weekend she is banned from going anywhere! I always used to hate the days ‘stuck’ at home, pottering, because I did that all week. But now, relaxed weekends are my favourite thing ever. I take no shame in the fact that I will have my backside parked on the sofa for the Autumn, telly gets SO good. Cold Feet, Bake Off, Strictly, Netflix (DareDevil) even X-Factor! I love snuggling up with a blanket, some candles, my babes and good telly. When it starts to get cold again I’ll be adding Sunday visits to the local pub for a tasty roast. God I love Autumn.


I’ve got a huge pile of books to read, Letters to my Fanny, Girl on a Train, and The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. A list of films to see, either at home or the cinema. We really want to go to the Planetarium for some star gazing (I’m actually becoming obsessed by this!) London shows and Xmas events – there is something to look forward to for the rest of the year. Throw in a bit of decorating and floor laying, and I think we’re set.


For the first time in a long time, life feels really settled, stable. I feel like plans can be made and we can enjoy the moments, whether they’re out doing something exciting, or at home getting our Hygge on (you know I am all over that phenomenon – any excuse to go to Ikea for a few more blankets and candles) I feel peaceful, in so many areas of my life. A few more to tick off and I will be practically zen like.

How was your summer? Are you ready for the snuggle fest that is Autumn?



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