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If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don’t, why the flip not?) you will have seen that yesterday I was lamenting the fact that I had a pair of boots saved in my ASOS heart list, but the god damn weather was being stupid and throwing a heatwave at us so I had no leg to stand on with my usual “but I need them?” claims.

The shoe gods must have heard me, because at about 11pm last night the heavens literally broke and now it’s practically Autumn overnight.

So, in honour of colder days, crispy, crunchy leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes (and not the iced variety because that is just wrong) chunky scarves and new boots, I thought I’d share with you my pre-autumn wish list. I know, I’m so good to you.


Boots Boots


Now, I’m loving these roll neck jumpers, but I’m not overly convinced they’ll suit me. I’m quite blessed in the boob department, and usually, high necked tops make me look like one giant boob, which, despite the husband trying to convince me otherwise, is not a good thing. I’m wondering because they’re thin and nicely fitted, they might look better than a chunky version. Not sure.

Leopard print coin purse. Like I even need to explain?

I seem to have an obsession with jackets, which is a bit odd because I am always bloody hot. I have a dreamy bomber jacket which was purchased in an emergency when we were at Alton Towers as we drove all the way up (down?) to Stoke in vests and jeans. Of course, the weather in Surrey was slightly different to the weather in Stoke, hence the need for a jacket. *Cough*. I have a proper school run mum coat on it’s way (watch out for a future post) and I have the usual denims and leathers. What I don’t have is a Shacket. Everyone needs a shacket. For the days where it’s not cold enough to wear a coat, not warm enough to go without. Needed. Camo print also adds to the win.

The boots that started this whole post. For years I have only ever worn brown boots. I don’t even own a black pair of shoes or boots. I KNOW! These pay a little bit of homage to the Chloe boots of dreams, which, sadly I don’t think I’ll ever be able to afford. Anyway. Buckles, black, little block heel. Want. Need.

Bra! Oh my god I am in love with harness bras. Peeping out under a plain black top (on days off, not at work naturally) Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Also, slightly kinky which is never a bad thing. Again, because of the size of the Mitchell Brothers, I struggle to find pretty bras on the high street, so hats off to ASOS for this one. The matching knickers are also dreamy.

I’m now going to finish my cup of tea while it’s still hot (days off, kids at school, hello happiness!) and leave this little babes here for you.

Peace out.

Everything from ASOS because I’m a lazy shopper, I love it and I still get a student discount.

Purse Boots Jumpers Jacket Bra.



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