Breakfast with Granny Cool

It’s the weekend, we’re all a bit slower and more chilled out (ie not frantically searching for shoes, homework and building passes) so we can all sit down to eat breakfast together, which I *love* doing, more so than dinner even, because there is literally no rush. 

While I am a massive blogger cliche and all about the avocado on anything (breakfast time with poached egg, lunchtime with siracha sauce FYI) today we branched out a little bit and tried something new. I know, get us! 

Granny Cool very kindly sent us some of their amazing marmalades and curds to try, because, as they say on their packaging, life is too short for boring on toast. 

Granny Cool have been making handmade preserves for three generations and they have a fab twist on the usuals! Orange and Lemon Marmalade with Ginger, Ginger Curd, Three Fruit Marmalade (orange, grapefruit and lemon) Winter Morning Marmalade (orange, grapefruit, lemon and nutmeg) and Three Fruit Marmalade with Cinnamon. 

I mean, if they’re not proper Autumnal toppings on toast, I don’t really know what is to be honest. 

So far, we’ve tried a few of the flavours and every single one has been a big hit, with all of us, which is saying something in this house, trust me! 

You can take a girl out of Paris (and sadly, I did have to come home) but you can’t take the Paris out of the girl, so, naturally, fresh croissants and hot coffee were teamed up with these goodies, and oh my word, it was a perfect partnership. 

Have a good breakfast sets you up for the day, having a good breakfast that everyone likes, that everyone finishes and that no one complains about? Well, well it still sets you up for the day but it kind of really makes the morning a bit happier, ya know? 

Grab yourself some of these, if not all, the stockists can be found here, and let me know what you think. Granny Cool is DEFINITELY cool to us. 

PR Sample. 


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