As black as my heart….

I’m not going to lie, Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons. Cosy evenings, candlelight, great TV series and fluffy blankets. The weather is *finally* starting to turn and we may have had to test the heating out this week so it’s officially Autumn in my eyes.

That means my usual uniform of black, black and more black is out of the wardrobe and back on my body. Well, to be fair, I wasn’t exactly little miss rainbow during the summer, but dressing head to toe in black seems more fitting during the winter months. 

I’ve dug out my gorgeous, huge wool coat in preparation. It might actually need to visit the dry cleaners before it gets worn though, there is always an issue with black clothing, fluff, and ginger hair that seems to fall out all year round (but surprisingly never gets any thinner) 

I’ve purchased the boots of dreams, and I might even be investing in some tights this year – now I’m working in an actual office, the opportunity to dress up is massive! And my scarf is just itching to be worn….

When you need to get up and out of the door in a rush, as well as feed two children, find school books and homework, all before 7.45am, you need a uniform yourself. When everything is all black, it’s easier to throw something on and get out. Plus it looks good. Win win.Fashion

Black trousers with stripe – M&S £25.00

Tulle Prom Skirt – ASOS £50

Deep Pleat Cropped Trousers – M&S £45.00

Mulberry Lily Bag £895

Lucky Charm Studded Buckle Boots – Office £85.00

Denim Midi with Lace – ASOS £32

Not Today Sweatshirt – New Look £14.99

I am loving the sporty look trousers at the moment, the only problem I have is, I never know what shoes to wear with them. As much as I love the stiletto heeled look in the mags, it’s not a look I can carry off, but stick the wrong trainers on and it creates a whole other look. I’m thinking good old Stan Smiths? 

Everyone needs to own a big tulle skirt. Whack on a thin black (of course) roll neck jumper, studded boots of dreams, leather jacket to rock it up a bit and away you go. I want. 

I’ve seen so many of my favourite Instagrammers wearing cropped trousers with ankle boots. I LOVE the look, I want to wear it to work immediately. Are my legs too pale, tricking people into thinking I’m wearing white socks…..? 

Mulberry Lily, no words needed to be fair.

The boots. These babies are now in my life. I had to size up as they’re so tight and stiff, but god they’re gorgeous. I don’t own any black footwear (I know, I don’t know how this is possible either) other than my Nikes, I still feel strange wearing them but my god I love them. 

I’m not a skirt girl in the summer, not short ones anyway, as my legs are so pale. In the winter though, black tights, boots. Sorted. 

Sweatshirt. Slogan. Sold. This one says it all really. It’s in my basket already.

A few other essentials, shirts, good quality cotton t-shirts, skinny jeans, cashmere (or equivalent) jumpers and a dress or two. That’s me sorted for the winter. Well, until I find something else I need. The shopping opportunities are endless. 


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