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I seem to have become interior design obsessed lately. Where I used to download gossip and glossies onto my iPad (I still do that to be fair) I now have stacks of home and interior magazines that I prefer flicking through. Don’t get me wrong, I still like to know what drama is going on in Kim K’s life but I’d also really like to find new storage ideas, or how to make my ensuite look more grown up and sexy on a smaller budget. 

We’ve just recently had our living room redecorated and my god, it makes me happy every time I walk in there. Shades of grey, neon signs, blankets, a picture wall of dreams, it’s so welcoming and cosy. Because of the huge, floor to ceiling bifold doors we have, it’s not a dark room so we could get away with going for a dark wall, something I was desperate to do after being inspired by some amazing interior bloggers on Instagram. Downpipe grey from Farow and Ball in case you’re wondering. 

Now the living room has been decorated, we just need to replace the carpet with wooden flooring and we’re done. Because it’s open plan we don’t really need to touch the kitchen. I got rid of the horrible yellow, red and orange (who does that colour scheme!?!) tiles in there, painting them white, and now the whole downstairs looks a million times more modern and welcoming. 

Of course, that doesn’t mean we’re anywhere near done. Far from it in fact. In our 3 bed townhouse, we’re about a third of the way through. All the bedrooms need sorting, the ensuite and the huge, ridiculously tall hallway needs to be completely redone. Naturally, I have plans for each of the rooms in question, I mean, this is me you’re talking about! But, having the ideas doesn’t necessarily equal having the funds, and with huge projects you need to have a whole load of dosh ready and waiting. Whether that be savings, wages or loans, particularly with some of the great offers from online lenders. Whatever floats your boat baby. 

The hallway doesn’t get much natural light upstairs, unless it’s a particularly sunny day and all the bedroom doors are open, so I want it to be white. So many people have done that ‘sucky breath’ noise when I’ve said that, white is difficult to keep clean, hallways are always getting dirty, you’ve got dogs and children, blah blah blah. My theory is, any colour will eventually show up dirt and scuffs, there are some amazing scrubbable paints available these days, and, well, I know what I want. But thanks all the same for your concern…..

Storage is a major thing for us in the hallway. All of us, adults included, seem to step through the door and dump whatever we’re wearing/holding/doing before stepping into the kitchen. Charlie can’t reach his own coats or bags, so he does seem to get away with not hanging them up or putting them on when he’s asked, the solution would be to put lower pegs on the wall, simple enough really, have we got round to it? Erm…. We also seem to have a hundred pairs of shoes living in the downstairs hallway. A trip to Ikea is needed to invest in ANOTHER shoe cupboard. Or we could, you know, stop buying shoes, but WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!


I’ve done the whole giant mirror for added light & space. We have the obligatory chalk board, the flooring is already down  and I wouldn’t be a blogger if I didn’t have a bloody good doormat now would I? It just needs to be painted. And that is a job for the professionals. 

The bedrooms are all painted the same, off yellow/cream/magnolia colour which scream zero personality. I seemed to have rubbed off on my children as they both want to have a dark wall in their rooms. The boy wants a black wall, not as scary as it sounds, and the teenager wants, well, I’m not sure what she wants at the moment but I’m sure I could look at her Pinterest and tell you. Our bedroom will soon be a deep, dark, sexy blue. We get zero light anyway, so I’m just going to run with it. 

Of course, in my head I have all of this planned to be completed before Christmas. Ha! Who am I kidding, in my head I have this completed by the weekend, but in real life, sensible Kate says we’ve been here three years already and we’re only part way through, lets just take it slowly and enjoy the process. But you know what I like to say to sensible Kate…….? 

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