Pumpkin Picking at Garsons Farm

This week has been so nice. It’s half term *and* I’ve had the week off work so I’ve been able to spend proper time with both kids, which doesn’t happen very often. It’s hard to split your time evenly between kids, husband, work and yourself – especially when one child is twice the age of the other (good old dodgy ovaries!) but it’s so important to me that they get the same amount of attention, even thought it’s completely different attention. I would hate for one of my (not so little) darlings (ha!) to feel like they’re less important than the other. Ya know what I mean…..? Of course you do.

The poor husband doesn’t get a lot of my time either, we’re both working parents, we decide nightly if we stay up late to feel like we’ve had some child-free time, or we go to bed when they do and then feel like we’ve not seen each other!

The kids and I went to the cinema to see Storks – so sweet and, it might just be because we’ve had so many baby issues, but it actually made me cry in points – bloody kids films! Then the bloke and I actually had the chance to go out for dinner AND a film while the kids were looked after, get me going to the cinema twice in one day! FYI, Girl on the Train, frigging amazing. Not as good as the book, obviously, but SO dark intense. Emily Blunt is incredible!! We may have also snuck in a few games of air hockey & formula one racing in the arcade opposite the cinema. No, you grow up.

Then, highlight of my week, pumpkin picking at Garsons Farm!! All the years of carving pumpkins and I’ve never been to a PYO. I know!! H was due on Halloween, we’ve had some brilliant Halloween parties, kids and adults, fireworks night and Christmas are closely followed by Halloween, I BLOODY LOVE IT!!!!

Garsons Farm is literally the best PYO ever. They have a huge garden centre and farm shop attached. The farm shop has everything you’d want, including the best tasting samosas. Uh huh.

We made our way to the pumpkin fields, the first one was a bit disappointing, I was kind of expecting millions of the little orange vegetables, but obviously we went quite late in the month. The field next door however was HEAVEN! Or hell, see what I did there…..?

So many pumpkins to pick from, it was actually difficult to choose! The kids picked up about 17 pumpkins and wanted them all. Obviously, if I had my way I would have bought them all, but the husband kept saying something about being ridiculous, I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening….. In the end, they managed to whittle it down to the perfect pumpkin each, and a little mini dark green one for me. I was after a white pumpkin (basic blogger bitch) which I’d seen at the entrance, but hello, £40 for a pumpkin was pushing it too far, even for me!!

It’s so much fun wandering round the field inspecting the pumpkins, it’s even more fun when your hyper 7 year old keeps tripping over the roots and disappearing amongst the orange-ness. Shouldn’t laugh. Totally did. Bad mummy.

We hoiked (that’s a word right?) the pumpkins back to the weigh and pay area, expecting it to be expensive but it really wasn’t, the orange pumpkins clearly don’t have the cost of the white ones! I kind of wish we’d grab some of the other veg as well, huge sweetcorn, broccoli, loads of good stuff. I guess I’ll just have to go back, shame…


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