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Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever get 5 mins to sit down and think, and other times, I wonder if things will always be so quiet. Is there even a happy medium? 

I like being busy, I get bored so easily that it’s almost dangerous for me to have too much free time, because I end up planning to change my entire life and leave my poor husband feeling like he’s just been through a spin cycle. It needs to be the right kind of busy though, you know? I can’t sit at my desk with nothing to do, it might sound like the dream, being paid to do nothing, but it’s my idea of hell, I need the day to fly by, fast. I can, however, sit at home and daydream the afternoon away. Writing notes, planning blog posts (they may never get written but I can still plan) thinking of new places to visit with (and without) the kids, drinking coffee and watching the day pass in a lovely, slow way.

I am a major contradiction. Yes, I do wonder how I make it through a whole week in one piece. 

I’m looking forward to finding inspiration for content again, when you’re bored or uninspired it’s impossible to find something to write about. Something that interests me, never mind anyone who might read it. The lack of pretty things to photograph doesn’t help either. I love taking photos and, often, a photo can inspire a whole post by itself. I need to get out there and see new things, new places, spark the creativity that I know I have. I need to write, it’s like my own form of therapy, regardless of who may or may not see it. Once it’s out of my mind and onto paper, it feels lighter. Whatever it may be. 

Maybe it’s been a good thing to have some downtime from writing, to give myself a break from trying to think of something interesting to write (and beat myself up over the fact that I don’t….) but now I have that urge (bleugh, I’m not feeling that word!) to write again, and I’m going to run with it. 

I’ve signed up to Superlatively Rude’s Ask The Question. It felt like the right thing to do, for me, as a way of understanding how I feel about certain things and situations, why I react the way I do, and what I can do to learn more about myself (in a non wanky way). To silence the voice that always tells me not to do something, for whatever reason. To shut down the inner whinger and just get the hell on with life, grabbing it by the balls and manspreading my way through my days. Each week for 12 weeks, the gorgeous and frigging amazing Laura asks a question, you answer it, and what you do with that answer is entirely up to you. I have decided to blog it, because I find it easier to write than I do talk, because I’d look a bit weird answering a question out loud to myself, and because I think it’ll be quite an interesting process to go through. 

Every Sunday there will be a new question, plus an interview with another kick arse woman to help with the inspiration. As Laura says, “it’s designed to be proactive, a deliberate provocation to action”.

Bring it on I say. 



  1. May 30, 2017 / 8:49 am

    We all need some inspo every now and again and this sounds like the perfect way! x

    • Katie
      May 31, 2017 / 7:55 am

      Thanks lady! x

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