Triangles and Jewells

Triangles. A simple shape that symbolises so many different things. Feet on earth – heart in heaven, motherhood, ancient wisdom, creativity, harmony and illumination. When the tip points down it represents femininity, when it points up, masculinity energies are at the forefront. 

I know not everyone has a favourite shape, but I do like to be different. I have a triangle tattoo on my wrist (sadly, it needs fixing as it’s not quite as straight as this OCD person would like) but symbols, stones and crystals are my thing. 

I was sent the most gorgeous Larima Bliss ring, in, of course, a triangle. The Larimar stone is from the Dominican Republic and is a beautiful turquoise and blue colour, with flashes of white. It’s only found in the Caribbean waters (hello, I’d like to only be found there too) and is said to be part of the legendary Atlantis. An ancient prophet once declared what made Atlantis special was it’s blue gem that had healing powers. Created by volcanic activity, the Larimar stone is loved by spiritual healers and crystal lovers alike, being seen as a powerful throat chakra stone that aids expressionof emotion and balances water and fire energy. 

I adore the meaning and history behind this stone, coupled with my favourite shape, it was such a lovely parcel to arrive in the post. It’s such a pretty ring, and although I planned to wear it during the summer months, because of it’s colour, but it’s just too lovely to not wear, whenever I feel like it! And, as it goes, I think it goes well with dark nails and clothes. 

Every time I’m wearing it and I look down at my hand, the meanings behind my favourite shape come back to me, and remind me of what’s important to me. 

Larimar BlissLarimar BlissLarimar BlissLarimar Bliss


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