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Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s the 3rd of January already. One more day of chilling with the kids and it’s back to the usual routine, rush here, rush there and watch the year pass in blur. 

I’m all for a resolution or two, I think they’re great, if you’re the type of person who can keep them, which I tend not to be. But I am giving myself some goals this year, things I want more of, not less, which feels easier to do.
More travel, more laughter, more fun and definitely more time
. Time for me, time for the kids, time for the bloke. That’s a whole other blog post though (also need more time to blog, clearly…) 

The new year can feel like a massive ball ache if you’re not careful. After a week or more of eating lunch for breakfast and pudding for dinner, getting up and going to bed whenever you feel like it and drinking enough alcohol to preserve your body parts until next Xmas, the thought of setting the alarm and having to get people up and out of the house before 12 seems like such an effort.

But, with a few careful tweaks here and there, it can feel slightly less painful. At least until you become used to it again….

Get organised:

The biggest problem for me is going from ‘free as a bird’ to ‘caged bear’. If, during the holidays we discover we have no coffee in the house, we can trundle down to the local coffee place, grab a large latte and mooch on home again. If this happens on a working weekday, then all hell is going to break loose, because I do not want to be starting my morning without caffeine. And the people I come in contact with feel the same.

This week I have done an online shop which is coming today, I’ll prep the lunches for tomorrow and be safe in the knowledge that we have milk in date for the cereal.
The new diary is filled with dates and appointments, and the calendar is on the wall with a space for every family member, so we all know when the bloke is away for a week, and the smallest has clubs.

It will probably be only me looking at said calendar but it makes me feel better!

Plan something:

There is no point having a sexy diary if you’re only going to fill it with boring dentist appointments and smear tests. Everyone needs something to look forward to. Xmas is over, summer is forever away, there needs to be something exciting in the works. Whether its a girlie weekend, a concert, comedy show, dirty weekend or a family break, small and often is much better than one big holiday months away.

Also, plan the big holiday. Dream big baby girl!

Treat yo’self:

Manicure, facial, massage, new shoes, whatever floats your boat baby. It’s cold and miserable, everyone wants to get home and lock the door behind them, now is the perfect time to treat yourself. Especially if you’re embarking on some miserable diet (which, by the way, you shouldn’t be!)

Obviously nails are my thing. Booking my nail appointment is my happy time.
That, and face masks, box sets and fluffy blankets.

Start slow:

Check your emails, catch up with work mates, tackle the small jobs first to ease yourself back into work gently. Obviously easier to do if you’re your own boss, not so much if you’re employed by someone else. Do what you can with what you have. Block some time out in your calendar, schedule meetings so they’re spaced out, book in some holiday dates and dream about the bank holidays.

You can double your time off over Easter by following this trick! You’re welcome! 

Read & Improve:

Ok so maybe not self help books, but, if there’s a bigger plan on the horizon, finding some books that help you reach your end goal quicker can only be a good thing no?
The whole ‘getting up and going to work for someone else’ thing can be made a tiny bit easier if you know you’re getting closer to where you want to be. 


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