Vitabox 28 day nutrition pack


I love a vitamin. They make you feel like you’re doing something good for yourself with very little effort, and, I’m all for that kind of living. Having so many different kinds out there, it’s more than a little easy to get a bit confused, so it’s always nice to have everything laid out in a simple way that tells you what you should/could (because not everyone believes in vitamins) take, and when. Everyone likes to make life a bit easier don’t they?

Hello Vitabox


A little box containing 28 days worth of essential vitamins, like vitamin A, B1,2 & 3, C, D3 and E alongside omega 3, 6, 9, co-enzyme Q10 and green tea, all in blister strips for each day of the week. Which means they’re fresh and, if you’re like me and forget what you’ve taken and when, they’ll give you a little reminder. 


Now, I will hold my hands up here and say that I am not the best at taking tablets. Unless they’re coated. If you gave me a powdery type tablet, unless it’s minuscule, I wouldn’t be able to take it, regardless of what it was for! So, I was *more* than happy when I saw that, although one or two of the vitamins are quite big, they’re of the shiny variety (you all understand what I’m saying here don’t you? Or am I making myself sound very strange…..?) so they’re easy to swallow.


There are 4 in each strip, so not a multivitamin in one shot, but quick enough to take with a glass of water or juice in the morning, and I love that you can rip off a couple of days to take with you if you’re away from home, rather than take a million rattling bottles. “What’s that noise? Oh it’s Kate and her vitamins……” None of that. Blister pack, bish bash bosh done. 

If you bought all the different vitamins separately it would cost you around £30 a month, obviously depending on the brand. With Vitabox you can choose to have a subscription package at £25.99 a month or you can buy a one off box for £28.99 – either way is quite a good saving. 

You can get them from the Vitalize Care shop here

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