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Hi, my name is Kate and I love good food. It’s become more important to me as I’ve got older, I couldn’t imagine living off pasta and pesto now, like I did pre kids//marriage, and when the husband and I make an escape from being ever-so grown up parents (cough) to eat alone, together (you know what I mean) we want the food to be good. Properly good. 

On Friday we had the chance to visit Bordelaise, a new French restaurant, tucked away in the middle of Broadway Market in Tooting. Now, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I am French obsessed. Food, lifestyle, everything. I love to visit Cafe Rouge whenever I get the chance, so I was excited to try Bordelaise because it sounded *so* much more authentic than a franchise restaurant on the high street, and it was. 

They are known for their steak & frites with Bordelaise sauce but they also do a Sunday lunch with bottomless bubbles, so, guess where I want to spend a Sunday afternoon soon…..

The restaurant itself is tiny, I think it seats around 30 people, and when we were there they had to magic another table and chairs from somewhere to seat more people outside! It seems really well known and liked, and, after listening to the waitress a few times, it sounds like it gets booked out most weekends. 


We started with a delicious charcuterie platter, full of meats, pickles and cornichons, served with fresh bread and butter, partnered with the first Aperol Spritz of the year – yay! Summer is on the way! I really need to work on my red wine taste buds, there must be one out there that doesn’t taste like vinegar to me, anyone have any recommendations? I would imagine it would have gone perfectly with all the courses but I just can’t find one to suit my taste. 


Main Course

Now, the real reason we were there, was the steak. They offer two cuts, rib eye and a flat iron, I went for the flat iron, the bloke went for the rib eye (of course!) with his being medium rare and mine medium (mine was probably on the rarer side of medium than I would usually have, but as my husband reminded me, this was a French medium…!) still, it was bloody amazing. Imagine a juicy, soft, melt in the mouth steak and you’re pretty much there. I know. C’est bon!

To go with the steak we chose creamed spinach, beef dripping fries and a Bordelaise sauce for him, which is made with red wine and bone marrow (kind of glad I didn’t chose that) which takes two days to reduce down before it’s served. They offer one other sauce, Béarnaise which is vinegar, white wine, tarragon and shallots. Much more up my street. The chips though, oh my god the chips. Whoever created beef dripping chips needs to win an award. 

They also offer other sides like peas, shallots and truffle mac and cheese, but we were very restrained and didn’t pig out on those. We may have to go back soon to try them however! 


After one of the best steak & frites came *the* best dessert I have ever had. Ever.

Chocolate fondant. I’m just going to leave those words there for a moment. 

Then I’m going to tell you that it’s served with salted caramel and salted vanilla ice cream. I am telling you now, vanilla ice cream with a sprinkling of rock salt is my new favourite thing EVER. Do it, do it tonight and then thank me (or, rather, Bordelaise) later. 

The fondant is a chef’s special and I can see why. The chocolate sauce was perfect, it just poured out of the pud, and, if I had filmed it, I’m going to say that M&S would have wanted to put their food porn stamp all over it. 

Of course, being a Swiss man in a French restaurant the bloke was not going to partake in anything that wasn’t dairy related. Bring forth the cheese board. 

Hold your nose.

He chose three cheeses, out of a selection of eight types, Livarot, Morbier, Comté, Brie, Roquefort, Bleu D’auvergne, Tomme de Savoie and St Marcellin. You can select three or five of the cheeses if you’re that way inclined. From the noises opposite me, I am going to assume they were good cheeses. I also happen to think my husband is VERY happy I am not a fan, because it’s the one thing he knows he never has to share. Crafty. 

The menu is limited, but that is what makes it special. You’re not overwhelmed by choice and you know that whatever you pick is going to be cooked to perfection. It literally is like stepping into a French bistro. If you can ignore the crazy market shops, and, once the lights go down, it’s very easy to do, it’s like being in the middle of Paris, but a lot quicker (and cheaper) to get to. 



Unit 9-11 Broadway Market
Tooting High Street
London SW17 0RJ

How to book? 

Telephone: 020 8767 5008 or Email:

Look at the Menu.

Twitter: @BordelaiseSW17

Our meal was complimentary but all photos and opinions are my own. 



  1. April 24, 2017 / 9:01 pm

    Oh my goodness, I’m literally salivating – this looks exactly my kind of meal!

    • Katie
      April 25, 2017 / 12:08 pm

      If you’re local you have got to go, honestly, it’s SO good.

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