Do you want to be on the property ladder?

For a lot of people, owning a home is a major step and it’s something to strive towards, get a good job, get a mortgage, find your first home and away you go. 

When the bloke and I first moved in together, we started renting a couple of rooms in my brother pub, moving onto a whole flat and then a house. Each time, we were happy renting, mostly because we didn’t know where we wanted to ‘end up’ and, also because the housing market was (and still is) a joke to get into when you’re starting out. 

Our Home

We’ve all heard the stories of someone in the family buying their first, four bedroom house, for £200 and a packet of Maltesers. Which is, of course (not at all bitter) fantastic for them, but far away from reality for the rest of us.  

When we eventually decided we should probably buy somewhere, we had little choice available to us, I was unemployed, having left work to have our first bubba, and the blokes salary wasn’t quite enough to tick all the (many, many) boxes needed to get a mortgage, so we went with shared ownership. 

Ah, hindsight is a wonderful thing. 

Moving On

Long story short, we lived in our flat for around 6 years I think, because it was a new build there was very little we could do to it to increase value, and, any value that we did add, would eventually be shared out between us and the scheme, the other “owners”. Because it was a flat, we could never own 100% of the property either, it was a complete waste of time, for us, not necessarily for everyone, but definitely for us. 

Eventually, after another bubba, a dog and not enough bedrooms for the family, we decided to sell up and go back to renting, again because we didn’t know exactly where we wanted to be, long term and because we could afford a much bigger house by renting than we could buying. Good old system we have huh! 

Next Time

If we ever decide to buy again, the dream is actually to build our own place, either from scratch or a revamp, then I will be using the internet to do some serious research! There are great tips for buying and selling family homes online, there are tips for everything, lets be honest! 


It’s such a stressful time, buying//selling//moving – anything that can make it a bit easier is worth grabbing with two hands and clinging onto it as hard as you can! Lots of people can offer advice, some of it might not be quite right for you (in fact, some of it might leave you wondering if the person offering it has any clue what they’re talking about) and lets not even get started on what happens when you’re self-employed, it opens a whole other box of issues, but, if you want it, you’ll find ways to make it work I suppose. 

For us, for now, we’re quite happy renting our house in our corner of Surrey. Who knows where we will end up, Reigate, Brighton, Paris, or, if this rubbish weather continues, Australia is looking appealing. Despite my 8yo telling me it’s “like 24 hours away, we can’t move there?!” We can kiddo, if we really want to! 

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