Landon Tyler Candle & Reed Diffuser

Landon Tyler Candle

You know those days where you feel like you’re up to your elbows in ‘stuff’? Work stuff, life stuff, kid stuff, pet stuff, I swear to God it’s all going daaaaaaahn at the moment. I can’t blame a full moon, because we’ve just had it, but something is making my kids irritating, and by irritating I mean, RAAAAAAHHHHH! The 8 year old had an actual hour long meltdown last night because we wouldn’t give him a drink of squash for bed. (Let me clarify, he had water, he wasn’t being purposely dehydrated). This led to him falling asleep on his knees with the light on, and so, when I turned it off and woke him up, it started all over again. Until 1am people. ONE AM. The teenager has an attitude to rival Mariah permanently at the moment and me? I just want scream. 

I’ve got a humungous to-do list, loads of stuff I need to schedule and plan out, a million and one books I want to read, and, for some reason, my chihuahua has decided to start peeing on my new rug so now I’m googling ways to stop that, when I should be working. And it’s sunny outside, I want to sit outside drinking cocktails and laughing in that carefree way that people who don’t have insane kids and annoying chihuahua’s do. 

Do you know what is keeping me going? 

Evenings. Evenings are the only thing keeping me sane at the moment. By 8.30pm you can bet your bottom dollar I am sat, on my sofa, in my pj’s with a glass of soda and lime (rock and roll ladies and gents) candle lit, waiting for Love Island. 

Landon Tyler Candle

Landon Tyler 

Landon Tyler is a new brand of home fragrances, featuring candles, diffusers and gifts. The team previously worked on other brands, and felt it was time to create their own, using all their knowledge combined. It’s an affordable, sexy brand, with some amazing scents. 

There are 12 fragrances in total, Vintage Blooms, Country Meadow, Citrus Grove, Wild Berries, Chesil Beach, Blackberry Soufflé, Dark Cashmere, Golden Amber, Pink Cashmere, Tuscan Garden, Winter Woods and Scent of Christmas, and they have all been developed using the best ingredients and high doses to make sure the aromas fill the entire room, and they really do. 

I have a beautiful 3 wick candle in Chesil Beach, a clean, oceanic scent combining precious woods, fresh lavender, bergamot and spice – I *adore* lavender and would have it in my house all day every day if I could, so this was always going to be the top of my list. I love that it burns evenly and is such a bargain price of £15! Literally, a quarter of some other, more expensive brands. 

If Chesil Beach is my daytime fragrance, Dark Cashmere is my evening. It’s a manly, masculine aftershave scent, with vetivert, patchouli, cedar, clove and cinnamon, it’s just so sexy! The one wick as featured here costs just £10. 

Landon Tyler Reed Diffuser

There’s also a reed diffuser range, 100m costs £12 and lasts up to 3 months. Mine is in Tuscan Garden, containing tuberose (also a favourite of mine) violet, geranium, lemon, ginger and musk. It comes with 12 reed sticks, which you can use at once for a stronger fragrance, or you can use less to give you a less powerful, but longer lasting fragrance. Just turn the reed sticks over every 2-3 days and let it work it’s magic. 

I am hooked on both the candles & diffuser and will continue to use them in my little chill out routine for as long as I need to. I feel that soon, however, there will be another gin & rose lemonade situation going on, rather than just soda water, there’s only so much chill a soft drink can provide! 

Available from Boots, Amazon, JOY and other stockists. You can also follow Landon Tyler on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter




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