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So the summer holidays have started. Ish. I have one home and one waiting to finish this week. 

At the moment we’re best mates and we haven’t argued once. But, ya know, it’s only 10.30am on the first day, so we have time. The youngest is currently tidying his room. A deal we made, as it was becoming a cross between a bomb site and a skip. Apparently, his shoes don’t like being stored in pairs, and his socks never make it to their final destination. Otherwise known as the wash. 

So, I let him lay in, made his favourite breakfast (scrambled egg FYI) and now he’s cracking on with it. There are cleaning sprays, feather dusters and he’s threatened to use the hoover soon. 


I on the other hand, am now wondering how my balancing act is going to work. I have a lot of freelance stuff going on, which is great, I’m even surprising myself with how much I’ve managed to bring in, but, always a but, how am I going to get this all done AND be a cool parent who doesn’t scream blue murder at levels only dogs can hear when she has reached the end of her so called tether. 

I remember my own summer holidays. I am POSITIVE we actually had a summer, to start with. But, I don’t ever remember doing that long, drawn out, annoying whine of “I’m borrrrrrrrrrred, there’s nothing to dooooooooooo” (maybe I did, but I’m sure I didn’t do it as much as my youngest does, did I? Mum?) 

As a teenager I was all about the sleeping in and the day time telly, in fact, ha! Newsflash, I still am. If there are no children in my house (rarity) you will find me, in bed, with a cuppa, watching something on the telly about finding the dream home, in fact, I always wanted to visit an auction house, just to see if it really is as cool as it looks. 

Get up around 12ish (teenage me here, not real me, I wish) amble downstairs, make something to eat and then either, go back to my bedroom or meet some mates. I didn’t have iPads or YouTube to entertain me, and I still wasn’t bored. What does that bloody tell me! 

It tells me that A: Too much on offer means kids get bored quicker and they have no ability to entertain themselves and B: I sound like an old woman, “In my day…..” 

So, back to this summer. We’re stripping it back a bit. I haven’t crammed the days full of activities, because I really want him to learn to find ways to entertain himself. He has a whole room full of stuff, yet he won’t play in it if no one else is upstairs with him, which is the whole reason WHY I want him to go upstairs!! 

We have some camping trips booked, in an actual tent! I know! Me! Camping! Argh! And the odd day trip planned, and of course seeing some friends through the summer. 

The teenager is pretty much sorted, she’s going to be sleeping, eating and seeing her friends, it’s almost as if I won’t see her! Who said teenagers are difficult!!

Does that not sound pretty perfect? 




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