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Ridgeback Bikes Kids Club

We’re into the 3rd week of the summer holiday now (is it the 3rd week? I have lost count) and each day Charlie asks me what we’re doing tomorrow. Every single day. Even when we’re in the middle of doing something fun, he will want to know what’s next. 

He’s a planner. Like his mother. 

Thankfully, we’ve had a good few days out and events to attend this summer, one of them being an invite to attend Ridgeback Bikes Kids Club in Stratford. 

Ridgeback have been building bikes for UK riders since 1983 and is a huge name amongst those who know and love their bikes. They’ve got a great reputation for innovation and quality, across all of their bikes, from kids to high performance flat bar bikes. 

We were invited along to see how the kids club worked, hopefully learn some new tricks (the kids, not me!) and generally have a day doing what two 8 year old boys love doing best, riding their bikes, fast! 

Ridgeback Bikes Kids Club

The club is suitable for all ages, from little dinky kids who are just riding balance bikes, all the way up to the older ones who may want to increase their knowledge, or maybe just learn some new skills. Charlie is great on his bike, but he still sometimes lacks a bit of confidence, especially if he hasn’t ridden for a while, so it was perfect for him. 

We met at the Ridgeback store in Stratford on a sunny (for a change) Tuesday, and after a few measurements and chats, everyone was kitted out with the perfect size bike and helmet, ready to start their day. We made our way over to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park where they were separated into age groups. 

Rob Reid was their coach for the day, the man in charge of coordinating the Bikeability scheme in the South East. He also has 15 years experience riding BMX bikes, but, most importantly, he can do wheelies one handed, while dabbing. The man has skills & the boys were seriously impressed. 

Ridgeback Bikes Kids Club

Ridgeback Bikes Kids Club

Ridgeback Bikes Kids Club

They spent the morning learning how to use their gears and brakes correctly, when the best time to peddle standing up is, how to control their bike and even doing the limbo while riding – it was everything you’d want it to be! Once that was over, they were given the chance to hit the bouncy castle, play swingball, or just generally burn off yet more energy, while the adults watched and wondered where the hell they found so much of it. 

Ridgeback Kids Club is the perfect place to pick up tips and tricks to make cycling safe and enjoyable for your tiny explorer. Join now to receive the latest news on Ridgeback products along with exclusive offers. And, for those who have already purchased a new Ridgeback, you can sign up to the club and receive your FREE goodie bag worth over £25!

Ridgeback Bikes Kids Club

Massive thank you to all the guys at Ridgeback, and Rob for being so patient with all of the kids, and for getting them to actually pay attention! They may have been impressed with the wheelies, I was more impressed with how they all stopped when you told them to! And, a huge, huge thank you to Ridgeback for the amazing helmets and bikes they boys were gifted, it has made their entire summer! 

You can follow Ridgeback on Instagram and Twitter here, and you can check out the RidgebackKidsClub hashtag!



  1. August 7, 2017 / 9:07 am

    Sounds like a fun day ….. I’m sure the holidays are going very fast with so many exciting things everyday ….new bikes too lucky boys !

  2. Pat
    August 7, 2017 / 9:47 am

    Sounded like the day was educational aswell as lots of fun. Bet charlie and Jamie thrilled with new bikes, And the helmets look the business!!

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