I’ve tagged myself after reading Yummy Mummy No1 post!

The rules are to list ten things that make you happy, then pass it on to ten other bloggers, so here are my ten:

1: Having a guilt free lay in! The ones where you can happily lay in bed until gone 10am, without feeling bad that your hubby is up with the kids, and he could do with a lay in too! Or even better is where we get to sleep in together. That’s not happened since we’ve had little man. It will happen soon!

2: Shopping. Of any kind. Clothes, accessories, home stuff, shoes, make up. Anything! even Xmas shopping I love. Give me a purse full of money and I’m away. I don’t care if the shops are busy, if the changing rooms are packed, I just love to shop! (And lunch out is always a bonus)

3: Dark, cold nights. I love it when it gets dark early, you shut the blinds, light some candles and have something warm and yummy cooking. I also love summer, but more the warm evenings than the boiling hot days (I’m a redhead with milk bottle skin, the sun and I are not on friendly terms) sitting in a garden with a BBQ going, bliss!

4: Chocolate. Any kind. Usually I eat my weeks worth of chocolate on a Wednesday night. Wednesday morning is weigh in day at slimming world! So Wednesday evening I eat whatever I want before I start being good again. And this always involves chocolate!

5: My kiddies laughing. The proper belly laugh. Whatever it is that makes them chuckle, it doesn’t matter, but I love it! Little man gets the hiccups when he laughs too much, which makes him laugh even more! Little miss has a dirty cackle when she finds something funny!

6: Starbucks chocolate frappuccino. Grande! And no, I don’t want to share!

7: My husband having the weekend off. I don’t mind getting up at silly o’clock when I know that he’ll be getting up and joining us soon. He’s not home at weekends very often but when he is, its soooo nice.

8: Selling this flat. We’ve been here 4 years now, and it was perfect for us when it was just the 3 of us. But now there are four of us. And the smallest one takes up the most room and makes the most mess. I’m looking forward to finding the perfect house, and making two bedrooms for my bubbas! I’m sure Little Miss has her own idea of what hers will look like, but Little Man hasn’t got a say yet, so I can decorate and design til my heart is content! And there wont be any Thomas the tank, boring blue or cartoon of ANY kind in his room.

9: Driving with my music on full blast. Luckily, both LM & LM love loud music (probably from me playing it when preggers!) so they will quite happily sit in the back singing and bopping along. Give me a great CD, a road with no traffic and some sunshine (heading to Brighton would be the best destination) and we’re all happy!

10: Blogging. I love it. For a long time hubby told me to blog, and I was convinced I’d have nothing to write about, but I don’t care now! I’m sure I’m boring sometimes (yes, just sometimes!) but I love to sit down and type away. Even if it’s just me reading it, typing this mini diary is great fun, and I’ve even had some fab PR emails from it, so it can’t be that bad!

Now I’m meant to tag 10 people, but I know I’m behind on this meme, so if you want to be tagged, please consider it done! Just leave me a little comment if you do it so I can go and see your 101!