Little man muttered (shouted) his first word this week! Well, I say word but rea

lly it’s more like a row of sounds but all mummy’s know that it’s classed as a word!!

After little miss’ first word was Dad-dad-dad-dad I was looking forward to little man’s being mum-mum but, nope! He too chose to pick Daddy first! It’s not really fair is it?! Especially as Daddy wasn’t even h

ere at the time!! But, whatever the word, he said it! At first it sounded like his normal shouty chatter, lots of raspberries added in and hand waving, but then he did it again, and again and again!!

Little miss and I gave him a very big clap and lots of smiling, which of course got him very excited and he did it for a good ten minutes!! Clever little boy!!

My little man is growing up fast. He’s almost 6 months old, that’s a whole half a year he’s been in our lives, and yet it feels like it’s been forever.

Two gorgeous little people home grown by me! (yes, my trumpet is being self blown!!)

Now, I need to get him to practice the M sound, after me little man, MUMMY…….! 😉