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First up, yes I know it’s a cheesy line, but it’s one of my most favourite cheesy lines ever.

I am obsessed with the moon, no, not obsessed, in love. I don’t know what it is, but to me, it’s always been powerful & magical. It controls so much, including our periods (yay PMT) the tides, animals and, a quick search on good old Google will tell you the moon controls fertility, birth, sleep quality, suicide and even traffic accidents. 

See? Powerful stuff. And, of course, I tell my most favourite people I love them to the moon and back all the time. Because I do. 

I am also a little bit (read, a lot) in love with delicate moon based jewellery. If it’s got a teeny, tiny little moon and star somewhere, then there’s a good chance I’m gonna want it. Because I’m obvious like that. 

ChloBo Jewellery

I have a beautiful charm on a bracelet which has a tiny disc with a crescent moon cut out, laying in front a midnight blue disc, which has ‘I love you to the moon and back” inscribed, and a second, gorgeous little rose gold charm bracelet from ChloBo, again, with a tiny crescent moon and a star attached to his tail (is that what you’d call it? His end crescent?) But on the moon are 3 more little stars, which I like to think are my babes. 

I am full on cheesy aren’t I? Pah, I don’t even care! 

ChloBo Jewellery

What I love about, all the ChloBo bracelets, is the stackability factor (is that even a word?) All their bracelets can be worn individually, or piled up for a real rock chick at a festival look, perfect for summer, which can’t be that far away, can it? 

ChloBo Jewellery

Prices start around £45 and go all the way up to “hello, can I have this for my birthday please”. I guarantee there is a bracelet that calls to you, charms range from hearts to star signs and everything in between. 

You can see the whole ChloBo collection here


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    February 19, 2017 / 5:44 pm

    An interesting blog

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