Best News Ever? Say Hi To The Gin and Tonic Easter Eggs

Yes, you did, indeed, read that right. The humble gin and tonic has been recreated in, possibly one of the best ways ever. 

Somebody, somewhere up there, has heard the plea of a million gin drinking, chocolate loving humans and, just in time for Easter (Sunday 16th April if you’re wondering) has created the Gin and Tonic Easter Egg. 

That somebody is Presat. We should all thank them now, be polite and all that jazz. 

We all know there are many health benefits to drinking gin, which is clearly why we all love it so much, in the middle ages it was even classed as a herbal medicine. That’s right, it really is medicinal. And, of course, chocolate is full of antioxidants and feel goodness, plus it tastes nice so, this easter egg is basically 100% health food. 

I’m going to give you the product description, so you can really devour the deliciousness that’s been created. 

” Made from a unique blend of single origin beans, filled with Presat’s London Gin Truffles, with a lemon milk chocolate shell” 

Yup. Does that, or does that not sound like heaven wrapped in foil and placed inside a box? They have even snuck in a little bit of citrus, because what is a gin and tonic without a bit of lemon? 

Gin and Tonic Easter Egg

It’s available from for £16.99, so, go buy! Just don’t be too slow about it as they’re predicted to fly off the shelves! 

Plus, if the G&T isn’t your drink of choice (who even are you?) they’re also making a Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg – described as “a silky milk chocolate shell infused with warming spices and orange for a real flavour of Easter. Decorated with a white chocolate cross and filled with mini hot cross bun flavoured eggs” also available from Ocado for the same price. 



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