The Jo Malone Dupe From Aldi

Newsflash! Aldi are launching three candles this week that are set to rival Jo Malone candles, at a massive fraction of the price! 

The candles – a limited collection, once they’re gone, they’re gone – will be available from the 16th March will cost just £3.99 and are said to have ‘comparable’ scents to three of Jo Malone’s most famous fragrances, Pomegranate Noir, Lime, Mandarin and Basil and the English Pear and Freesia which all cost £44, each. 

Jo Malone / Aldi Dupe

I am a massive candle snob, I love my expensive candles and I only use them when I want my house to smell good, because of the cost, then I have candles that are used for the lighting effect and can burn out as fast as they like, hello Ikea…..

Luxury vs Bargain

There’s also a luxury candle rule in this house, one can’t finish before there’s a replacement ready and waiting. That’s how seriously I take my candles. No, *you’re* OCD. 

So far, a cheap candle has never come close to the more high end ones, the fragrance usually only exists in the jar itself, not when it’s burning, so I am obviously going to have to get myself down to Aldi on Thursday to try these out, all in the name of research, obviously! 

The Aldi candles are said to have a burn time of 48 hours and have a very similar look to Jo Malone, glass jar, silver lid and classic black text. They’re slightly larger than their designer counterpart too. 

It’s not the first time Aldi have come up trumps with homeware, they bought out a gorgeous lamp last year that rivalled a John Lewis design, before that there was the copper and marble floor and table lamps (still gutted I missed out on these) and, not forgetting, my favourite chopping boards ever, marble and wood, which came out this year. I managed to bag two of these for the grand total of £8.99 each. 

Like all good limited editions, you’ve got to move quick if you want one. Or six. And at £3.99, it’s not really going to matter if it’s all just a little bit of hype! 



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