10 Blogging thoughts


1: There a million and one blog posts saved as drafts that will never actually see the light of day. They sounded amazing in your head, but once they’re on screen? No babe. Just no. 

2: You soar and crash through feelings of awe and jealousy daily. Jealawe? Those bloggers who get to collaborate with the really good shit, you’d hate them if you didn’t actually love them and their blogs quite so much. 

3: SEO. Confuses you, bores you, makes you want stab your own eyeballs with (copper) forks. But you’ve never wanted to get your head round something so mind numbingly dull in all your life.

4: You’re really not shallow, but, getting blog love from an actual stranger, you know, someone who doesn’t have to be nice to you, kind of makes you feel all floaty and “yeah you got skills girl”. It’s even better when they sound like they’ve read your post. Or if they comment on your amazing nails, either work for me. 

5: One day you’re all Carrie Bradshaw – people read your words and, lets be honest, you’ll have your own column in a glossy mag before long. The next? You’ve got as much grace as an elephant on a trampoline and does that sentence you just wrote even make sense? 

6: Wondering if there will ever be a generic press release sent to you using your (correctly spelt) name that you’ll want to use on your blog, for free.

7: Embargoed? What is the point of the email then!?

8: Imposter syndrome. Gah, you want to work with me? And pay me? On a subject that I would have written about anyway? You sure you have the right person………? 

9:  Feeling hella fancy when you work in a coffee shop. Not going to lie, living the dream. 

10: Despite not being world famous, or having stats that reach stratospheric levels, you’re actually quite proud of your little corner of the internet and have all the love for the people that read it. 


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