Making memories and remembering moments – it’s the little things that matter most

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While the title of this post is about simple things, let me just start with a disclaimer. I am quite shallow. 

There. I said it. I like stuff. All kinds of stuff. Not going to pretend I’ve suddenly become a zen master and I am at one with the world with no need for materialistic goods, because that ain’t never gonna happen. And I’ve got to say, whoever thought of the phrase “money can’t buy you happiness” has never purchased a sexual handbag or pair of shoes while sipping on a cocktail on a secluded beach under giant parasols. 

Cos that shit right there is happiness.

Sharing is Caring

But. I suppose (I lie, it’s not a suppose, it’s a fact) that it wouldn’t actually that amazing if you didn’t have the right people in your life to share it with. 

The big stuff wouldn’t be important if the little stuff wasn’t around. Like, scooching (yes, that’s a word) up your babies for a cuddle when they’re all sleepy, or wearing your husbands shirt when he’s not around, and it smells exactly like him (which is good FYI) or, sitting on a bench chatting with your teenager about random stuff and realising she’s actually a pretty amazing human.


Sitting on the sofa eating pizza & chatting means more to me than getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant. Driving through London to see the Christmas lights, eating chips on a deserted beach, walking in the rain, they’re the romantic moments that I’ll always treasure. The things that make me go a bit gooey. 

Wrapped flowers

Life can be pretty tough sometimes, for whatever reason, and everyone has their own level of tough to deal with, but, at the end of the day, we all know what matters really. 

Family, friends, moments, memories.

Last night, in bed (you know that time that most normal people switch off and go to sleep, that’s when I start planning the rest of my life and reliving my entire past, uh huh, go me) I did that typical mum thing, thinking about how fast my babies are growing up.

Then I decided I actually wanted to go back in time and relive every special moment with them. Not one single purchase entered my head, in fact, I probably can’t even remember buying the things that felt so important at the time. But, I could remember the first time I felt each of them move, afternoon snoozes on the sofa, first steps, first words, first smiles! (Gah! I remember crying like a baby at the first smiles, that must have confused them!)


First World Problems

I know, I know, that’s impossible Kate, you always want you can’t have, yada yada yada. 

But seriously, why is time going so damn fast? It might not be possible to turn back time or even slow it down, but we’re all capable of making more memories, slowing down ourselves, and really enjoy the little things.

I should probably stop moaning about my first world problems (“what do you mean there’s no vanilla latte left? I have to go to the shops AGAIN?”) and start remembering how damn lucky I am. 

I still like stuff though. OK? 




  1. April 25, 2017 / 12:58 pm

    YES – I am so glad someone said it. People always make me feel so shitty cause I love the stuff, stuff does make me happy.

    But there is no denying the moments you have said, they are the golden moments that on a sad day remind you. xx

    • Katie
      April 28, 2017 / 10:11 am

      What’s the point in life if you can’t have the things that make you happy? Whether it’s materialistic or not – it’s all about balance and what YOU like. STUFF IS GOOD!!! 😉 x

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