Happiness – 10 things that make me happy from the shallow to the important. It’s all about balance.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m trying to focus on all the good things in life at the moment, after a few months of crappiness it feels good to push forward and appreciate what you’ve got, to be happy.

The lovely Kara from Innocent Charms Chats tagged me in a post that’s doing the rounds, so, in the name of research (or something like that) and because I love having a post idea handed to me on a plate, I am, as they say, well up for it. 


I wrote about the little things I love previously, so this is similar, but on a larger scale. More in depth, in no particular order (that would be like asking me to pick a favourite child) and only a fraction of the things that make this, sometimes (cough) high maintenance blogger smile.

My People

See, I say it’s in no particular order but I lied. Obviously this is going at number one. I love my people.

I don’t have a massive circle, but those who are in it, are hugely important to me. I’ve been with my husband for 20 years this year, a long time in any relationship but, even more so when we were both so young when we met. We’ve grown up together, been through some amazing times and, some not so amazing ones but, he’s my lobster.

My kids make me smile daily. Call me biased (actually, don’t cos you’d be wrong) but they are funny little buggers! I spend most of my life worrying about them but my god they’re worth it! Loving, kind, gentle (ish but one is an 8yo boy so lets give him time!) cute and funny. We make good kids.

I love my close family & friends a lot. A lot a lot. It might not always come across but it’s true and they’re special to me. I find it hard to trust people, so if you’re in my friendship circle and I trust you, then we’re good. I love you man! I’m grateful for everyone I have in my life, you know who you are!


Having nice nails is my thing. The wilder//brighter//more crazy the better. I don’t feel like me if I have to cut my nails short (true fact, I cancelled a nail course I was going to do because they wanted me to have bare, short nails so others could put false tips on me to practice, that was NEVER going to happen).

People always ask if I get anything done with long nails, I’m pretty much self sufficient, the only things I struggle with are opening cans and picking up bank//loyalty cards or pennies from a flat surface. Or doing up buttons in a rush. So, you know, nothing life threatening. Plus, I give amazing back scratches.

Peonies make me happy


Fresh flowers make me *so* happy. I don’t care if they’re from the reduced aisle or a hand tied bouquet from a fancy florist. White flowers, of any kind, have always been my favourite but, since the living room has gone grey (we painted it, it didn’t get old) it’s all about the bright colours. Pink, orange, yellow, purple, I want them all.
I have hundreds of vases, in fact, I don’t actually know where half of them have come from, but my favourite vase at the moment (yes, I have a favourite vase, don’t you?) is a up-cycled Yankee Candle container. It looks SO good on the dining table. Which leads me seamlessly onto number three….


Not going to lie. Expensive ones are my favourite. They burn better, none of that wasted wax malarky, they smell incredible and last for ages. Unless you go to bed and leave one burning. But I didn’t do that, nope. I am a very responsible parenting adult. No, you shut up.

I’ve never owned a Jo Malone candle, so that’s on my hit list but I (kind of) resent spending £50+ on something I’m going to burn. If someone buys me one however, that’s a different matter. I love all the Neom scents and I am addicted to the Olive and Thyme scented candle from Yankee. If you don’t like anything too flowery, you need to smell this. I’m a candle lover in general. I will have a candle going every single day of the week, expensive or not, buy me all the candles.


Oh the opportunities. Planning makes me *so* happy. I’m never going to be one of those ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ people. Because that’s just silly. By removing planning from the equation you’ve depleted half the joy.

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Oh yes. You remember that.

What I take from that quote (also love a good quote) is, when you’re a planner you need lots of notebooks and pens to write your plans down. You can do research and write about your plans, you will start of thinking about one thing and end up somewhere else totally. You can start planning weeks, months even, in advance so that just prolongs the fun times. I’ve been planning our New York trip for years. The other day I read a piece about a restaurant that needs visiting when we get there. If I wasn’t a planner, I would never have spotted that.


I can’t spend a day without music or, heaven forbid, drive anywhere without music – what kind of sicko does that!? Music is so important to me. Apparently, Aries people love all music genres and I’ve got to say, I agree. My playlist contains everything from Johnny Cash to Coldplay. The only music that doesn’t float my boat is heavy metal. But then that’s not really music….

I love driving with the windows down & music up. Both my babes are the same, they’re more than happy singing along in the back of the car. Songs can take you anywhere. They can remind you of special times, cheer you up, comfort you, make you cry. I bloody love music!

I’m taking the kids to a Vamps concert next month. That might be pushing my music loving limits just slightly. That’s what I get for promoting musical free choice. Fool.

Happy Space


Yup. Surprise entry on the list. I’m pretty sure I’m a witch (no comments needed thank you) if you factor the extra fingers, red hair, bizarre sixth sense//intuition thing I have going on, it makes sense. Crystals are so pretty & have amazing, healing powers. Did you know Rose Quartz is said to keep worries at bay, curb resentment and jealousy? Or that Jade can sharpen your thoughts and help with decision making? Black Obsidian is said to help release disharmony that has built up in your day to day life including resentment of others, fear and anger.

Crystals, Chakras and the moon are my hippy card and I’m more than happy to play it. I think we’ve all got something that sounds a little bit crazy to others, and I’m all for that. Who wants to be like everyone else?!

 Sex & Love

I mean, need I say more? I love it all. Sex, kissing, cuddling, holding hands, romantic gestures, secret jokes, it’s all right there at the centre of a relationship, the stuff that you have that’s just for you two. It’s my favourite of all the ‘stuff‘. I could talk about sex for hours, but I won’t, not yet anyway!


Alright, so maybe this is my hippy card too? (shit, maybe I’m more hippy than I thought?) but I like peace. I don’t just mean that quiet time when the kids are at school and you’re home alone – I do like that as well, but (wait for it, it’s coming) inner peace. You know when you just feel like everything is right?

I haven’t had that a lot this year, I’ve been quite worked up about a lot of things, some are still playing in the background, albeit a bit quieter, but there, and, when you’re forever having internal battles with yourself or worrying about things you can’t control, peace goes right out the window. My brain is constantly wired, and there are very few times where I feel calm, despite how I look on the outside. So when there’s actual peace, it feels amazing.

Shallow Stuff

I am blatantly cheating here but I wasn’t lying when I said there were too many things to mention – I’ve been trying to decide what my final thing should be for two days and it’s just not happening.

So, as it’s my blog (I can do what I want and you can’t stop me) and I’m a massive over-sharer and want to tell you as many things as I can, my final “happy maker” is (please say in one long breath so it counts as one thing) – clean sheets, tattoos, laughing, surprising people, good eyebrows, clear skin, the perfect red lipstick, my natural hair colour, my husbands beard, sleepy cuddles, pedicures, taking photos, Instagram, cocktails, boxsets, sunshine, the stars, the moon, the beach, the rain, snow, fluffy pillows, a cold bedroom & a warm bed, late nights, late mornings, travelling, blogging, adventure, feeling safe, date nights, good books, caramel latte, the perfect cup of tea, handbags, shoes, jeans that fit just right, my husbands roast lamb, weekends with my parents, long drives, flying, trainers, stationery, painting, interiors, glitter, sequins, leopard print, neon signs, skulls, Paris, New York, baking, cooking, eating, perfume, my husbands thighs, a good watch and diet coke.

Now breathe.

We’re on this planet for a good time, not a long time, and life is just too damn short to be restricting anything that makes you happy. Not breaking the law, restrict that shit.

Get yo’ ass out there and do what makes you happy. Make other people happy. BE HAPPY. 




  1. Pat
    April 28, 2017 / 12:03 pm

    This reads like a book………….. covered many subjects – very interesting, now I’m going to read my book it’s called “Sweet Revenge”. Xx

    • Katie
      May 1, 2017 / 4:36 pm

      I think that’s a good thing…..! ha! Enjoy your book! x

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