So, tell me, what is it that you do Kate…..?


The life of a freelancer!

Urgh, that dreaded blogging question. In a split second you have to size up the person you’re talking to and work out which answer would work best for them. And, I’m not going to lie, I often do a bit of an inward groan when I’m asked, because the answer is never just accepted. It isn’t a straightforward “I’m an admin assistant” “Oh, fabulous, could you pass me the napkins please?” and if someone asks me what I’m up to today, I’m aware that my usual answer of “writing” sounds pretty naff, oh wow Kate, you’re going to sit on your backside and type a few words, poor you, such a hard life. 

Since I started blogging full time in April, I’ve questioned my job title. A lot. I’m a little bit of this and a little bit of that, which I have come to accept, because it works, for me and my family, but the *other* people, real life people, still seem to take umbrage to the fact that I don’t have a ‘check box standard’ job. 

(love that word, umbrage) 

Most days I’m found at my dining table, scheduling tweets, Instagram posts, FB updates, writing amazingly witty blog posts (like this one), chatting with brands, and trying to build my business up. Because this is what my business is.

Yeah, ok, you might also find me standing on a chair in the brightest corner of my living room (by the back door if you’re interested) leaning over an Ikea footstool which has a carefully laid out cheeseboard on it. At 11am in the morning. Or letting my fish and chips get a bit chilly so I can take a boomerang on the beach.

But it’s rude to judge. 

Fish and chips on the beach

I mean, I get it, it doesn’t sound like work. I know. But it actually is. I am in charge of writing, styling, photography, PR, SEO and branding. All by myself. I started off with zero skills in these things, but I taught myself everything I know, whether it was through YouTube, reading websites, asking fellow bloggers, or just working it for myself. I am good enough at it now to make a living from it, which I think is pretty bloody cool.

And, actually, coming up with content for myself as well as brands I work with isn’t as easy as it looks. I’m like, constantly creative, ya know? 

I love being my own boss and I really love not having to justify myself to anyone. If I have a quiet day, where all I get done is the housework, then, at least the housework is done eh? If I manage to schedule three posts, two Instagram pictures, a weeks worth of a clients FB content AND the housework? The hell yeah to me! If I just sit on the sofa catching up with Housewives of Cheshire then at least the kids get fed. Eventually. It’s swings and roundabouts people. Nobody tell the husband. 

I’m really bored of the whole being busy for busy’s sake, thing. There are no prizes to win just because you have 46 things to get done in one day. It’s not a competition, and, even if it was, I’m not interested in winning it anymore. I used to be one of those “ohmygod I’ve got so much to do today, however will I get it all done” people but I was just stressing myself out. Now, I get done what I get done. If it’s leftover, there is always tomorrow. Great days don’t have to be the days you get the most done.

I’m like, so zen. 

So, yes, it is odd that I spend a lot of my time taking photos of my hands in crazy positions in front of Insta-worthy walls, or that I’m searching for the perfect tripod for my phone so I can take the best picture of a t-shirt I’ve been sent, without having to get the husband to help (it always ends in ‘words’)

It’s even a little bit odd that I get a bit antsy when I haven’t been able to take a good picture for a while, blogger block is a real thing! And yes, thinking about ways to write about real life situations in my blog without being *too* much of an over-sharer isn’t the norm.

But I like odd. Always have, always will. And I really like my odd, having spent so many years trying to fit in, I am positively revelling in the new, improved me. So, quite frankly Sharon, I don’t care if you think what I do is odd. I love it. 

**I don’t know who Sharon is, she just sounds like she would be quite judgy, sorry Sharon. 




  1. Pat
    June 12, 2017 / 2:35 pm

    If it works for you and your family – then bring it on! Also you are obviously content, so that in itself is a bonus too!

    • Katie
      June 20, 2017 / 10:48 am

      Exactly! Thank you! x

  2. July 8, 2017 / 9:34 am

    The new improved me that is happy sounds like it is all worth while. I am glad it is working out for you and yes if your blog is to become your business then you do need to work at it and ignore the critics and people that look down their noses. People have looked down their noses at working mums, or stay at home dads, or grandparent childminders, no matter what you do you will always get your critics.
    Mine is an online diary never intended to be anything other than that.

    • Katie
      July 17, 2017 / 10:57 am

      Thank you Elaine, I really appreciate you reading and commenting. xx

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