Working And Living (obviously) At Home


I have progressed over the blogging years, from bed, to sofa to dining table. From weird, random laptop to macbook, but I still haven’ been able to make the leap from dining table to actual desk situation. And I really want to. 

In my head, coming home from the school run and sitting down to work would be so much more productive and inspiring if I had my own workspace to do it in. I mean, I love my dining table, I mean, I chose it, and I adore my living room, because I styled it. But there is something about having a personalised place designed just for work. 

I don’t need a whole room dedicated to blogging and writing, although, future me, if you’re reading, that would be amazing, but simply, just a space somewhere to have a desk, a chair, my MacBook and all of my quotes, business cards, tear outs, ideas, post-it-notes, stationery (all the stationery!) and be able to leave them there at the end of the day. 


While I have a massive workspace here, facing my garden and in easy reach of the coffee, at the end of each working day, whether that’s 10am, 3pm or 7pm (I’m freelance and bloody lucky) I have to put everything away. Everything. All my notes have to be scooped up, mac away, ready for family life to take over the table. 

I know, woe is me right!? 

Home Office Style

 Thanks to Pinterest, I am able to look for a whole truck load of mini office ideas. I have a practically perfect cupboard under the stairs which, according to my pins, would make the most amazing little study. Only, they fail to explain where the hell you would put the ten tonne of crap that would have to vacate the cupboard in order for that to work. Plus, no windows all day? Bit depressing no? 

I could section off a corner of the teenagers bedroom (don’t worry, she has an entire floor to herself) but then I’d probably end up tidying her room everyday before I could start work. A make up and clothing explosion does not equal an inspiring workspace. 



The garden, bless it’s little socks, doesn’t have enough room for a desk, never mind a whole working area. Imagine having a garden big enough to put in one of those very fancy shed come office things. That is what I would do, in a heartbeat, if we had the space and the funds. I would leave the house to be family centred only and I’d shift ALL work outside to the garden office. Plus, the commute would be a breeze, and I’d be close enough to the house to keep doing all my Stepford housewife bits. You know, like grumbling to myself about people not turning their shirts in the right way before they put them in the wash, or slamming dishwasher doors while stating that I seem to be the only bloody person who knows how to use it, stuff like that. 

I may even have to start a WHOLE new board on Pinterest just for a garden office. You know, in case we win the lottery or something. You just never know! And, I might even let the bloke use it when he has to work from home. As long as he doesn’t touch anything. 

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  1. Pat
    June 19, 2017 / 3:30 pm

    Would be nice to have “your own space”. You have inherited the desk…………
    Work out “a plan”!

    • Katie
      June 27, 2017 / 10:44 am

      Always planning! x

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