Flooring Trends For 2017

With half of 2017 already gone by (don’t panic) there is still plenty of time for a revamp of your floors and be the envy of interior lovers everywhere. The first step to modernising your home is identifying the key trends so your home will look stylish and fresh. From statement designs to dark boards, this years floor trends are a sure-fire incredible feature to any property – so lets get started!

Brushed Finishes

First up is brushed finishes which have seen a surge in popularity this year. A brushed finished floor achieves its texture from a wire brushing of the surface to the plank which causes the older wood underneath to become exposed.

This shows a more traditional grain, knots and rings which makes for a stunning natural finish. With a brushed finished product you have the option of two additional finishes, these are either an oil or a lacquered finish.

An oil soaked in to the product and strengthens the wood from the inside whereas a lacquer is not absorbed by the product. A lacquer sits on top of the product to form a protective layer that will help to preserve your floor. Both have their advantages but it’s up to you as to which you would prefer based on appearance and texture.

A top tip worth sharing is that you should always apply feet to any heavy furniture in a room. Things like sofas, tables and chairs are often being moved around and this can cause your floor to wear down or scratch in those specific areas. Adding feet to your furniture however will dramatically increase the life of your floor, not only giving you more for your money, but keeping your floor looking as beautiful as the day you installed it!

Dark Boards


Where once pale boards were the colour of choice to match with a monochromatic look, a new contender has entered the ring, the dark boards. Darker boards have seen an increase in demand as the trend of introducing colour continues to overtake the neutral tones that we’ve become accustomed to.

The interiors world is now seeking floor species that are rich in colour to create bold, warm and sophisticated looks. Using a darker board can help you to achieve a vintage glamour look, something that is definitely currently on trend – just see any hipster coffee shop for confirmation. If you’re looking to replicate this look, the Luxury Flooring team would recommend a species such as an oak, walnut or acacia.


First appearing in the 16th century, parquet floors have a long history and are seeing a period of rejuvenation at the moment.

Parquet flooring became the staple piece of any home before the invention of carpets, which have now become to go to for most residential properties. However, during the 1980’s parquet floors began creeping back in to peoples homes and it seems their time has finally come back around. A modern twist on the parquet floor is the herringbone style.

The herringbone floors uses boards to create a chevron aesthetic that adds a great sense of style and fluidity which really creates a statement piece in a room. If you’re looking for the ultimate modern combination, try a herringbone floor with a dark coloured board.


By following key trends in the interiors world you can keep your home looking modern and fresh all year round. Often small changes can make a huge difference and while you may not think your floor will make an impact, it certainly does. Updating your floors is also a great way of renovating a property you are potentially looking to sell and move on as a new floor, especially if it’s on trend, will increase the value of your property massively. Remember, never overlook your floor!


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