Sliders For The Easy Life

Now, I know, putting on shoes isn’t exactly taxing, and, there is really nothing else to add to that sentence. It’s just, not.

BUT. Sometimes, you don’t want to faff around with laces, or buckles or whatevers. And, I’ll tell you, doing buckles up with nails like mine is NOT easy. Sometimes you just want to throw on a pair of shoes and boosh. Out the door you go. 

Whether you’re doing the school run, mid (or at any stage of!) pregnancy, running after a crazed toddler or just damn lazy and like sliders –  if a fashion item takes minutes off your day, it’s a winner in my eyes.

Plus, the amount of times I go in and out of the house, to the car, to the garden, the shops, school, wherever, I eventually turn into my 8 year old and just take my shoes off without undoing anything. Which is not a good way to teach him to “UNDO YOUR BLOODY LACES FIRST”. 

Sliders for the win. 

And, luckily, they’re really hot right now. Unlike the weather it would seem. These babies can be thrown on with jeans, dresses, skirts, shorts, you name it, they go, and they don’t need to be expensive, they’re everywhere right now so you can grab yourself a little summer bargain and have a coffee with the time you’ve saved. 

I am equally in love with all of these sliders. Adidas for the weekend (or actual pool time) fluffy pink ones from Steve Madden, because, well, if you’re going to own sliders, you need a fluffy pair, the black pair from Topshop are perfect if you need to be a little bit smarter, yellow suede will look equally amazing with white trousers as they would with skinny jeans, and the silver pair from Office are actually in my wardrobe and ridiculously comfortable.

Can you ever own too many pairs of sliders? 


ASOS // Next // Topshop // Warehouse // Office 

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  1. Pat
    June 29, 2017 / 8:21 am

    Look comfy and stylish – and handy for people with “naff fingers” lol.

    • Katie
      July 5, 2017 / 10:19 am

      Yeah! Like daytime slippers! 😉

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