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I am officially a brand new version of me. I notice it every day, things that used to drive me up the wall and require me to have my say no longer bother me. Situations that stressed me out now don’t affect me and I just don’t care about the unimportant stuff anymore. But, I often think, if the old me met the new me, they wouldn’t get on.

I know this, without a doubt.

For example. The old me would never consider camping as a holiday, the new me is really looking forward to sleeping under the stars. 

The old me wouldn’t dream of telling people that she believes in crystals, the power of the moon and all the spiritual stuff she’s secretly into because they would laugh and say it’s a load of rubbish. The new me is sharing that stuff left right and centre and finding that almost everyone is a little bit interested in it, especially if it’s an area that is affecting them personally. 

The old me would never ever dream of riding a bike around town, the new me, while still quite nervous about it because, new or old, I can’t turn right on a bike, really wants to try it. 

I’ve wanted one of those old fashioned bikes for ages, you know the kind, no gears (I drive an automatic car, I’m not going to get the hang of gears on *anything*) and a big basket on the front, for when I’m scooting round my little village grabbing fresh bread and cheese. 

Except I’m not French, my little village isn’t in France and it’s really not very fair that I have to drive or walk everywhere. Where is the fun in that? 

The husband however, has a better bike dream. Massive motorbike fantasy aside. A folding bike. Yup. Makes sense when you think about it, you can jump on and off London Transport (ha! like anyone ‘jumps’ anywhere on trains or tubes, but you get the drift) and then, whack out your folding bike and away you go! No traffic, no delays, and no petrol!

I’m not going to lie, I think I would struggle with the folding and unfolding of the bike (as well as turning right, does anyone else have an issue with that?!) but Brompton kind of make it look easy, and their website gives you options like “Ross uses his bike to get from train to office in SE10” so you can use that type of build to make your own! I love that. Go Ross. 

If I were a Londoner, I reckon I would be more than up for the folding bike trend. It would be even more likely if London was more like Amsterdam and had proper areas where those of us who are a little bit nervous of riding up alongside a bus/lorry/van could have their own area to cycle in a nice, calm manner. Not the bike lanes we do have now, where god knows what will be zooming up behind you at the speed of light. 

It’s just occurred to me that it’s not the bikes I have issues with, it’s where I live. Maybe I should just move to France or Amsterdam. 

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