Modern Comfort With A Little Victorian Era Style

When you come home from a long day in the office, or, from wherever you may have spent the day, possibly at the football pitch watching your son run round and round like a crazed puppy, the last thing anyone wants is to feel like their home is cold, empty and unwelcoming. You want warmth, and comfort, a place where you’re happy to shut the door and snuggle up on the sofa to watch Love Island. Who else is hooked? 

Even in the summer (well, the UK version of summer) months, you want your home to have some level of a welcoming vibe, even if it’s just as people pass through on their way to the garden, because, that’s what the word home is, isn’t it? 

Here are some of my favourite ideas to make your home just that little bit more “ahhhh”. 



There is nothing, nothing like the feel of a seriously fluffy rug under bare feet. I have the most amazing one ever from Wayfair. Each time someone new walks across it for the first time, they all make the same sound. Something like, ooooooh. Charlie likes to lay on it, to watch TV, do his homework, a few roly poly’s, take a nap. Whatever tickles his fancy. He claims it’s softer than his bed, but I’d have to disagree. The only downside to such a thick rug is the flipping pile (is that the word?) gets *everywhere* and I have to hoover more than I would like to! 


I have so many different textures around my home, depending on the season, and because, as I’ve said before, I can’t stand matchy matchy. When it’s summer, the materials are lighter, cotton or linen, in brighter colours (although there is always room for monochrome in my house) but when it starts to get cold and dark, the velvet, fluffy cushions and blankets make their way into the house, because that’s what you need when it feels like misery outside, fluff, lots and lots of fluff. 

My dream sofa is a velvet one from Loaf. One day I will own one, and come summer or winter, I will lounge with great comfort and style. It will probably be a crazy colour, I can’t decide between pink, orange or bright blue. But if you’re doing a velvet sofa, you’ve got to do it all the way, haven’t you?


Loaf Victorian


We have no ceiling lights in our living room, weirdly. We have wall uplighters, which aren’t as bad as the sound because they’re completely minimal, and almost blend into the wall. If I had the option though, I would have one ceiling light above the dining table. One of those low hanging ones with a huge filament bulb, because they look sooo good.

The rest of the lighting would be as we have it now, floor lamps, table lamps and candles. All the candles, everywhere. Nobody wants harsh lighting, except if you’re reading or working, and even then it can give you a headache, or is that just me? I remember working in Tesco in my ‘youth’ and the fake lighting used to make my eyes hurt and my brain switch off. Or maybe it was the constant beep of the scanner….. 



If it’s one thing I miss massively, it’s having a fireplace. Not necessarily because of the actual flames, although, a real log fire is a dream, but because of the whole Victorian fireplace surround vibe. Somewhere to display photos, candles, crystals. A place to hang stockings on Christmas eve, because on the door handle just isn’t the same. In fact, I would be happy with the fire surround and a space to have candles, which we had in our old house. It just gives that little bit extra warmth to a home. I love my modern built house, but sometimes they remove the wrong things, to make way for something else. A chimney for Santa and a fireplace for me, they should always be included in a home! 

How do you make your home feel comfortable? 

in collaboration with Westland London



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