Why Buy A Shaggy Rug? – Why Not!


First rising to popularity in the 1960s the shaggy rug used to be a staple piece of any home. Since then however, it eventually stopped showing up in as many homes for fear of dating a property. Over the years, shaggy rugs have been making a big comeback with a more tasteful, modern look taking the interiors world by storm.

The name ‘shaggy’ refers to the longer pile length of the threads. This is what gives it its comfy and textured aesthetic. It can transform a lifeless room in to one that looks more expensive and stylish thanks to its gorgeous look. More often than not, less is more. This isn’t in reference to the size of the rug but rather where you place the it. Try to avoid using it in rooms that already use busy patterns or lively wallpapers for example. This mix of textures and patterns can cause a room to feel a bit chaotic so avoid this where you can.

A shaggy rug will appear thicker than others and will help in giving your room a plush and cosy look. Not only does look comfy, it feels unbelievably soft and gives that gorgeous feeling underfoot. It’s best to try to avoid wearing shoes on these, as this will eventually wear down that softer touch. It will also make it dirtier, quicker!

Try using a shaggy rug in a lounge or bedroom for example where you’re less likely to be wearing shoes to help preserve the look and feel.


Shaggy rugs are available in any number of colours and can be incorporated in to any home with ease. Whether you’re looking for a statement colour or something more subtle you’ll find it. If you’re planning on using it in a slightly smaller room, remember that the texture can be quite overwhelming depending on the pile length of the rug. Always plan before you shop and this will help you to find that perfect one more easily For small rooms try to opt for a rug that is a similar colour to your floor as this will help it to blend in more but still give you that great comfort. If you’re lucky enough to have large rooms, then bolder colours can be used. The advantage of more space afforded to the rug means you can use it as the feature piece in a room.

The team at Rug Mountain are here to give some advise about how best to clean to get a longer life and more use out of your shaggy rug. Luckily, most are extremely easy to maintain and you can get rid of most of that lose dirt and dust by simply giving it a shake outside. If you’re wanting to go one step further you can invest in a rug rake to get to that more stubborn dirt.

If you’re looking for a more simple cleaning routine you can hoover your shaggy rug, but its imperative to use a low setting on your vacuum to protect your rug from shedding too much and retaining it’s beautifully soft feel. Make sure to always read the manufacturers guide to make sure you are caring for your unique rug.

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