Menswear – The Denim Edition

I don’t know what it is about a denim shirt, but it’s one of my little ‘things’. Especially a really battered, but still looks good, faded denim one. It just has that casual vibe about it. Kind of like a t-shirt, kind of like office wear, kind of none of those things but equally as hot. 

Look, you do you, I’ll do me, OK?! 

Maybe I have a thing for cowboys, who knows! 

Whatever it is, I like them. Especially on my bloke. He very much has his style sorted, he knows what he likes and he doesn’t feel the need to own a million different things (like his wife) so that he can dress differently depending on his mood. It’s so much easier for men in that way! 

The bloke, if he’s reading this post (which, by the way, he should be) has very good legs. Like, they were one of the first things I noticed about him. Think big muscly thighs and lovely tanned legs. Yum. So, him in a pair of chino shorts is a very good look for me. Or for him, I forget which.

He also looks equally good in his jeans & t-shirt and don’t even get me started on what he looks like in a suit….. 

So, with that in mind, I thought I’d put some of my favourite Mr AG looks together, just in case anyone is interested, all available here.

1// Cassidy Short Sleeved Shirt, £25.00
I love this classic style shirt, it’s just the right denim colour, not too light, not too dark and kind of has the battered look about it. If it were long sleeved, I would be ‘borrowing’ it for myself. 

2// Voi Battle Chino Shorts, £45.00
What’s not to love about chino shorts? They are the original smart/casual item. These stone coloured ones work with the denim shirt, but the blue look fab with t-shirts. 

3// Deck Shoes £99.00
The bloke loves a boat shoe. We don’t go on boats very often, but then I suppose I don’t really go anywhere that requires Hunter Wellies but I still want them! Love the colour of these ones, it makes a change from the usual brown. 

1// Long Sleeved Denim Western Shirt, £28.00
See, what I said about Cowboys earlier? The proof is in the pudding so they say. The colour of this one is definitely more Autumn/Winter but it looks like it would be very cosy, to wear and to snuggle up to. 

2// V-Neck Tee, £6.00
You can’t go wrong with a supply of plain v-neck tees. These are cotton and a bargain price. Stock up!

3// James Jeans, £50.00, French Connection
No skinny jeans here, it’s all about the straight leg in darker denim. Although, the proper faded bleach wash jeans will always be a classic. As long as you’re over 30, I realise that! 

4// Timberland Boots, £125.00 
Need I say more? Nope! I am totally buying myself a pair of these this winter.

Pretty much two of mine, and the blokes, favourite looks. Although I think he might have an opinion on the boots, but as it’s my blog I can (imaginary) dress him however I choose! Do you and your partner agree on how each other dresses? 


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