Making The Most Of The UK With Great Little Breaks

Great Little Breaks

We haven’t had a holiday this year (yet) which isn’t too bad really, when you consider how many breaks we had last year, but it’s always nice to have something to look forward to, even if it’s just a mini break in the UK or something. When we went to Bath last year for the Christmas Markets it was like we’d had a week long holiday, because it was just the two of us, for 2 whole nights, away from home! 


While I still have NYC on my hit list (a girl can dream right?) and I’d also quite like to visit a few other places, like Brussels, Amsterdam (again) Barcelona and Rome, I do really love getting in the car, driving off somewhere with the bloke and getting a bit of de-stress time. 

Great Little Breaks has loads of ideas, that I probably wouldn’t have thought of, like afternoon tea in a fancy hotel, 4* weekend breaks in Scotland and even a short break with The Tower of London! Obviously not staying there, because, well, no. But the package sounds good, 2 tickets to the Tower, two nights stay at The Strand Hotel and breakfast for two. Nice! 

I also really, really love Cornwall, it feels like you’re far away from everyday life, but not so far that you can’t do it in a weekend, which, when you’re relying on babysitters who do it for the love (and not for the cash!) you need to be able to do! But, sometimes even that’s a bit too much of a trek. If, like the bloke, you spend your whole week driving around the country, the last thing you’re really going to fancy is a bit more driving, so somewhere like London for a mini break works for me. 

Does it work for you? You know it does!

Imagine, jumping on the train, gin in a tin stashed in your bag, no kids to sit and shhh, no worries about losing them on the tube (that’s not just me is it?) and a whole weekend to do whatever the hell you like. I know! Doesn’t sound too shabby at all does it? 

The best thing about a mini break is, it doesn’t have to be expensive (although it totally can be if you want!) it doesn’t need masses of planning and you can just decide to get up and go, if you have the kids sorted. Or, if you don’t have kids, then you’re pretty much always on a mini break so, BLAH. 

In fact, I now feel the need for a mini break somewhere. Just the two of us, to take the edge off the fact that we haven’t put our bums on a plane seat yet this year. A travel bug is a travel bug after all, and as long as you’re racking up new experiences and enjoy life, does it matter where you go? 

I don’t think it does! 

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  1. August 16, 2017 / 10:11 am

    Joys of parenting….most of the summer is about the children …but you have been very lucky and had some fantastic trips out this year ! Loved the festival blog …would so love to go!

    I would have loved your social life as a young parent , think picnics in the park or mini BBQ’s in the garden , or train rides was the best we did !

    The Great little breaks …sound just that …..great ! How about with mummy or big sis ?

    When the kids are grown ( and hey don’t wish that too fast ) you can go back packing like big sis ……I think it’s amazing how much stuff we both love …the same ! Shame we weren’t both from same generation huh ? We might have done more together !

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