Favourite Four – Khaki Utility Jackets

I am obsessed with khaki at the moment. In fact, the year so far. It’s become a bit of an issue, in that, every lightweight jacket I own is khaki green. Which kind of limits my choices somewhat, colour wise. It’s also an issue when I end up wearing a khaki coloured top, because then there’s a whole load of too much green going on. 

Still, love them I do! I, of course, own a shacket already, which I have literally worn to death this “summer” (see what I did there?) but I’m thinking ahead now, and I want to get one that’s a little bit less shirt and a bit more jacket, so I can wear it when we move towards the cooler weather. But knowing our climate, it’ll probably be boiling in October. 

Yay UK. 

So, in the interests of all things khaki, here are my favourite four jackets around at the moment. 

1// Embroidered Print Shacket, £39.00, Simply Be
You may notice that almost all of these have a print on them somewhere. I can’t help it, it’s my my thing right now! This is my favourite of all the faves. Love, love, LOVE it! And a bargain price too. I do wonder how thick it is, but, layers!

2// Long Cotton Bomber with Back Print, £75, Esprit
Now, this is slightly different. It’s more bomber than jacket, but I love the longer length and I flipping adore the print on the back! At the end of the day….. Who else says this a lot! This one is definitely Autumnal, and a slightly different green, so, it’s practically a different colour altogether! 

3// Rhinestone Embellished Shacket, £79, Topshop
Need I say more? Rhinestone. Embellished. Shacket. This has Kate written all over it. Love the ripped pocket, the rhinestones aren’t too “in your face, pour me a pint and call me Bet Lynch” but they’re just enough fancy for me. Love. 

4// Maison De Nimes Creek Utility Jacket, £15, House of Fraser
One plain one, in case you’re not as cray cray as me. Also, bloody bargain price in the sale! Grab it! 

Which is your favourite? Or, have I missed something amazing out there? Tell me! 


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