A Classic Coat Situation – The Trench Coat

Trench Coat

Hello September! We’re almost back to school and some kind of organisation and it’s (almost!) officially Autumn. I’m sorry if you’re not pleased about that, but, I am! 

Autumn means falling leaves, darker evenings, X-Factor (and Cold Feet, yay!) cosy weekends, pumpkin spice lattes, candles, blankets, new boots and, most importantly, new clothes!

Obviously, I like summer, I do. Especially when it’s actually warm and sunny for a few days in a row (I know, I’m so greedy!) and you can plan days out in advance, get your summer clothes out of the loft and know that you’ll wear more than one item before you’re left wondering what climate to dress for. Sometimes it’s like living in a damn rain forest in the UK. One day you’re looking for the factor 50, the next, an umbrella. 

We’ve all been there. Maxi dress in the morning, soaking wet feet and muddy hem by the afternoon because the heavens have opened. At least with Autumn/Winter you know what you’re getting. You can wear a coat and not end up a hot, sweaty mess by lunch time. Because it’s always coat weather!

This year I am seeing trench coats errrrywhere and I want one! It’s never really been my thing, but maybe now I’m 36 and all growed up, I’m changing! And they do say, a change is as good as a rest….. 

The trench coat goes with anything. It goes especially well with my uniform of skinny jeans and a top. In fact, it makes said uniform look a whole lot better. That’s another good thing about A/W – a coat can cover a multitude of outfit issues! PJ’s on for the school run? Stick a long coat on. No bra? Who knows with a coat! It’s like your own personal fashion back up driver – it literally has your back. I LOVE COATS! 

There are trench coats to suit all budgets, and, to be fair, it’s pretty much a classic now, so if you invest in one, because that’s what clothing is, an investment (cough cough) then, price per wear you’re practically saving money! I know! I love my logic too.

Even though black is my favourite colour, I love the classic trench colour, sand? Beige? I’m not sure what you’d call it. Double breasted, double buttons, belted. In my head it looks better undone, but that’s probably just on me. The double breasted look doesn’t always work with big boobs, but for those with smaller ones, you can rock it! 

Do you own a trench coat? Do you love it as much as I think I will? Do you think I should get one? (say yes!) 

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  1. Pat
    September 5, 2017 / 7:19 am

    I too like trenchcoats, but being mrs practical (always) need a warm waterproof coat for my walk to bus stop!!

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