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Pedigree Tracks

Let me introduce you to the newest blogger in the LifeDaily family – Lenny –- or Lennickles as we like to call him. Yup, that’s right, Lenny has been approached, he’s out there, and has his first official deal with Pedigree Tracks, who have created an app for dog owners (you knew Lenny was my pooch, didn’t you?) to track their diet and daily activities. 

There literally is an app for everything. 

It monitors all kinds of activity from off the lead walks to indoor play, and, based on your dog, it will tell you how much daily exercise they should have, what calories they should be eating and what the best dog treats are for them.

Pedigree Tracks

Lenny is a bit of a one. He loves a walk, but he also loves the sofa, so if it’s raining or slightly cold outside, don’t expect him to want to go anywhere. Cannot say I blame him. Once we’re out, he’s like a little lamb, bouncing over the long grass and chasing other dogs/people/cows. Ask him to chase a ball however and he’ll look at you like you’re ridiculous. 

I know Lenny (and I!) would probably like a few more varied walks, there is only so much a dog can sniff on a boring, street walk. We go to the fields or the aerodrome too, but it’s not quite as interesting as a seaside walk, or, a new, exciting place, but after using the app, I’m (happily) surprised to see he does get enough exercise and so we can allow the snoring on the sofa occasionally. Don’t tell him he can have a few more treats though, we’ll keep that to ourselves! 

Pedigree Tracks

As well as tracking their exercise and food intake, you can get advice on how to keep them healthy and happy, with videos on training ideas, like teaching them how to high five (watch out BGT, we’re coming for you) and games you can play. If Lenny could read, I’d imagine the game titled “Gravy bone hunt” would be top of his list. 

We all have hundreds of apps on our phones to make sure we have healthy, happy lifestyles, but it’s never occurred to me to have one for the pooches of the family. You can set up multiple accounts on the app for all the dogs who live with you, we have one for Betty, but, as she refuses to walk anywhere and would rather be carried, we thought we would just focus on Lenny. Life as a chihuahua is tough. 

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You can download Pedigree Tracks app on Android and iOS for free. 

This post is a collaboration with Pedigree, but all thoughts are my own. For additional dental care information you can read the following Pedigree Reviews article for tips and advice.


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