Finding The Perfect Pair Of PJ’s With Lyst

Do you know what I love? PJ’s. Almost as much as I love my bed. Yup. If I had my way, I would literally be in my pyjamas 24/7. School run? PJ’s. Sainsburys? PJ’s. Date night? Yeah, you get the gist. 

The only problem I have is, none of my PJ’s actually match. They’ve all ended up a miss match of random items. What I tend to do is buy a PJ set based on the trousers, because they’re my favourite item. Then the top gets lost somewhere along the way, I add an old vest or one of T’s t-shirts and I end up looking like someone who has landed here on earth after being dragged through a hedge, backwards of course. 

Really selling myself here aren’t I? 

Then, to add insult to injury, what always happens is, someone will knock at the door. Be it a friend, a postman, whatever. You can guarantee as soon as I get out of my normal clothes, whack the make up off, the hair up and put my scuzzy PJ’s on, I will have company. Every single time. And there is nothing like standing there, folding your arms to cover your boobs (no bra, thanks very much, we’re all about comfort here) wishing the ground would swallow you up. 

So, in the interest of keeping friendships and making sure I don’t get a reputation of the crazy woman who never seems to get dressed, I’ve decided to up the nightwear anti. 

I am a huge ASOS fan, but I’ve recently discovered Lyst. It’s like ASOS, but maybe (whispers) better? Because it has so many different retailers and designers to choose from. From Topshop to Stella McCartney – it’s all going on. There are thousands of items to choose from – thousands. If you’re a shopaholic like me, that will be music to your money spending ears! 

You can set up a profile, add the brands you love (and want to follow) which then lets Lyst show you more of what those brands have to offer. It’s like a shopping enabler. It will even let you know when new items are added and when things go on sale! I mean!? Hello! 

So, obviously, I made a ‘lyst’ of PJ’s I want. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t!? I’ve found that my fave kind of loungewear (ha!) is the separates kind. Button up shirt style top, wide leg trousers. Throw in a print or two and I’m a happy bunny. 


Blue and red stripe PJ’s // Sleepy Jones // £235 | Leopard print long sleeve PJ’s // ASOS // £23.50 | Floral print PJ’s // Sleepy Jones // £240 | Checked PJ’s // DKNY // £49.50

These will kill two birds with one stone. They’ll keep me happy because they’re still PJ’s but, they’re less likely to scare away any visitors. Although, that’s not always a bad thing…….!



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  1. Pat
    September 19, 2017 / 9:26 am

    Hints for Xmas gifts?????????

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