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Hotel Bedroom

Hosting guests is an enjoyable experience if you get it right. There’s something very satisfying about giving your guests a great experience. When you have guests staying at your house it’s important that you make them feel comfortable. Creating the perfect guest room that has all of the luxuries of a hotel will leave your guests feeling relaxed when they leave and ensure that they come back again. Your spare room shouldn’t just be a storage room with a bed in for guests. If your visitors aren’t getting that hotel experience, here’s how to create the perfect guest room.

Invest In Bedding

One of the things that guests will remember most about their stay is how comfortable their bed is. If they spend the night on a lumpy mattress with cheap, itchy bedding, they aren’t going to have fond memories of their stay with you. Make sure that you spend a bit of money on a luxury handmade mattress that your guests can sink into after a long day and use some high quality linens. If your guests wake up feeling well rested they’ll come back, but if they wake up with a bad back from an old mattress they’ll just be grumpy for the entirety of their stay. Make sure that you keep them clean as well. Fresh sheets every day is a great little touch that makes your house feel like a hotel.


It’s the small details that you add to the room that will really elevate the experience. Leaving small chocolates on the pillow for when they arrive will put a smile on their face and top off their stay. If you’ve got an old friend coming, getting a nice photo of you together will personalise the room and make them feel more welcome. A nice rug is another simple way to make the room feel cosier.

When you’re staying in somebody else’s house, it can feel a little awkward to get up in the middle of the night to get a drink, but you don’t want your guests feeling uncomfortable because they’re thirsty. Leaving them a jug of water in the room is a tiny detail that will go far. A coffee machine in the room is another great little touch that makes your guests feel more at home. That way they can wake up at their own pace before coming downstairs to see everybody.


There’s nothing more uninviting than a dingy room. Your guests won’t want to spend time in their room if it is dark. Make sure that you provide enough good lighting around the room and use mirrors to get the most out of the natural light that you get in the room.

Test It Out

When you’ve got everything in place and you think it’s perfect, you need to make sure that it is! The easiest way to do this is to spend the night in there yourself and use all of the features that you’ve put in. You can pick up on any little niggles you might have about the room and fix them before inviting guests to stay there.

When you’ve got guests staying at your house, don’t just give them a bed, give them a hotel room.

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