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Sleepy Monsters

Sleepy Monsters. I’m loving the name already, before I even saw the actual product. I don’t know about you, but I have two sleepy monsters. OK, one is a teenager so she basically spends 50% of her life on her phone and the other 50% asleep – so she’s a giant kind of sleepy monster. The other one however, is the kind that doesn’t really want to sleep, for fear of missing out on something exciting, FOMO at 8? Is that a thing? But he also *really* loves his bed. 

It’s a hard life when you’re 8 and a half. 

I am one of those mothers, the kind that hates cartoon imaged anything. I never dressed my kids in clothing that had cartoons on, even when they went to nursery, and I refuse to buy any kind of home accessory that is covered in it either. Some might call me mean, some might agree. I don’t mind which side of the fence you’re on, as long as my side of it has no cartoon images. 

This ‘rule’ has always gone down ok with my two, they’ve got good taste in clothes and both favour basic, classic clothes. But, C has always had a thing for patterned bedding. Like his Dad actually. If I change the beds, I always go for plain, grey or white, with pink sheets and matching pillowcases. If the bloke gets there first, he will choose the most patterned set we own, usually chosen by him, and I feel like I’m being dragged back to the 80’s…… 

Same with the little version of him. We’ve (I) have managed to contain it to bugs, skulls and a few stripes here and there. Which has pleased us both, so when Sleepy Monsters offered to send us a set of their bedding, I was interested to see if it would fit the, self imposed, rules of the house. 

Sleepy Monsters is a double sided bedding range for kids, encouraging bed making (hello!) with help of your very own friendly monster. The set has a (cute, don’t panic) face on each side, one is awake, one is asleep. The pillow is the same, one has eyes open, one side has eyes shut. 

Sleepy Monsters


Sleepy Monsters

So, what has to happen in our house (and this rule was created by the child, not me!) is that at bedtime, the monster has to be asleep, otherwise C can’t sleep. And in the morning, he has to flip over to be wide awake. This means the kid is happy, HAPPY, to make his bed in the morning and we can add to the wind down routine in the evening. Dinner, bath, flip the monster, read a book, sleep…… 

The sets come in three colours, teal, black and red. Naturally my first choice would always be black, but we received the red set and it’s just as gorgeous. It’s really soft, made of 100% cotton and, this is the best bit, has a ZIPPED FASTENING. Why doesn’t everyone do that!! You have no idea how happy that zip makes me. No buttons popping off, coming undone. No duvet sticking out the end, no missing a button and having to start all over again. Zip. Done. It’s the little things. 

All of the sets are £44.99 and come in single sizes. They’re available to buy online here and you call follow them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

No children were harmed in the making of these rules, there are plenty of cartoons on the TV…….




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