Setting Winter Goals // Future Planning 2017

Winter Goals

I have recently come to the conclusion that, I, a complete and utter planner, have no goals in life at the moment. None. I mean, I have a few mini goals, like grow my hair, cook from scratch more often, have more date nights, but nothing long haul, or life affirming. 

Which is a bit of a shocker. Usually I have a whole list of things that I am planning. I am a big believer in having something to work towards, I always find that the more I have to do, the more I get done. I’m not a ‘go with the flow’ type of person, which is why I think I’ve been feeling a little bit lost recently. I need to have something in place, to aim for, so I know I’m heading in the right direction. 

I love the whole idea of finding out new things about yourself, growing and exploring new sides that seemingly appear from nowhere. My whole ‘hippy’ side is emerging more and more, the more I learn, the more I want to find out, and I really do feel like it helps me be a better person, even if it’s just because it calms me down. As someone who can turn on a knife edge, this is a good thing! My mood swings have been legendary, I’m not going to pretend otherwise, but as I’m getting older (wiser?) and finding myself more, they’re easing off. To which my entire family breathes a sigh of relief. 

While I’m not a live by the seat of my pants person, it has been nice to have no plans recently, kind of like a reset. I’ve gone from 100-0 but now, I feel like there needs to be some goals set to get myself going again, something to aim towards. Especially now I am back to being ‘unemployed’ as such! Social media is nothing but fickle, so now I have some spare time, until that changes, I need to make the most of it. I’m very lucky that I have this time so I am going to use every single second of it! 

Where Do You See Yourself? 

Ever been asked this question? In a year, 5 years, 10 years even? I’ve never been able to answer because I change my mind so often, daily sometimes! But the underlying theme is always happiness. Finding the ‘thing’ that will make money AND make me happy. It’s like the holy grail, loving your job. So far, I haven’t found it. Midwifery didn’t work out for me, but I reckon I’m still young(ish) enough to find something that will come close! I want something that will make getting out of bed easy, that I enjoy every day and will pay me enough to be able to afford a 2 week holiday in the summer, or a trip to Euro Disney before the kids are too old. Not too much to ask! 

Life goes so fast I don’t want it to be too late to do things that create amazing memories. Whatever I end up doing, it *has* to make a difference, to someone else. I can’t just stuff envelopes or tick boxes. There has to be worth in what I do. That sounds so ‘fancy’ I know, but, pah! 

We also want to move soon. Some of us (me) want to move sooner than others (him). In my head I am picturing a house that has it’s own kitchen (no more open plan, ever) that has more than 2 drawers (not even joking) and enough cupboards to store the amount of food you need when you have a teenager AND an 8 year old boy. I’d also really like a garden that gets just a smidgen of sun and is big enough to have a kick about in. Again, not me. So, a job that pays a decent wage is kind of vital in that respect. Goal no.1 – Find the job that works. In an ideal world it will be something that fits in around the kids, term time, is busy, packed full, changes frequently and keeps my mind busy. Easy huh?  

Write It Out

I will never not want to write. It’s in me man! But, sometimes it can be very, very lonely. There’s only so long you can sit at home//in a coffee shop typing away before you start to forget what your own voice sounds like. Plus, inspiration can be a bitch. I get bored *so* easily, I need to switch things up, move things around, change directions, a lot. I’m not quite sure how to fix this, because, I can only write when it’s quiet, so I’m kind of shooting myself in the foot before I even start! Maybe full time blogging isn’t for me, or maybe I haven’t found my flow yet, who knows, but, goal no.2 – Inspire and Motivate myself. 

Keep Learning // New Goals 

I’m like an eternal student. I love learning, proper learning. The year I spent doing my access course was probably the hardest I have ever worked but I loved every single second. Even those that I hated with a passion. I was so proud of myself for finishing the course and completing it with full distinctions across the board. When you spend a lot of time questioning your abilities, to see it written down in front of you – knowing you did it all by yourself? Nothing beats that feeling!

I really want to learn about Reiki, I keep saying it but I’m yet to do anything about it, quite possibly goal no.3 right there! I don’t know that it’s something I can make money doing, or if it’s more about keeping my soul happy, rather than my wallet, but I want to try! Even if I just use it on my friends and family – it’s another string to my bow. Plus it would make for some interesting writing//reading material. Two birds, one stone. 

Travel Bug 

Last year was the best year for me! We went to Amsterdam, Switzerland and Spain. This year, zero travel. I know it costs money and takes time, but for me, visiting new places and having new experiences makes the WHOLE YEAR feel better. I need to travel, I need to get away and switch off from everyday life. New York is still right at the top of my list, along with Greece, Switzerland in the snow, Las Vegas, Bali, Canada, New Zealand, and so many more. I want to fly long haul, I want to get my passport earning back it’s cost. I have been well and truly hit by the travel bug. And I really want my babies to see the world! 

I’m excited for the future, I’ve changed quite a lot this year and where, before, I would find myself going “nothing is ever going to go to plan for me….” I am more of the mindset that, what is meant for me won’t pass me by and I can do whatever I want, if I believe in myself and work hard for it. So, ya know, I think I’ll do that. All while giving myself a kick up the backside and keeping track of the goals, big and small. 

Have you thought about setting yourself goals? What are they?


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