Healthy Holidays – Eat, Drink and Sleep Well

Healthy Holidays

We all head off on holiday to see the sights, but we also do it to rest and recharge. Taking a well-earned break is widely considered extremely good for a healthy body and mind, yet we all know how easy it is to cave into treats and temptations once abroad.
Luckily, if you’ve got the right approach, a holiday can be just as healthy a part of your daily life as any other aspect. With the right tips and tricks, staying on top of your wellbeing doesn’t need to distract you from the sights and splendours of your holiday. See if a few of the below pointers can keep you hale and hearty on your next trip overseas.

Consider Where to Stay

It might seem a no-brainer, but in our rush to score the very best deals, we can often overlook just how crucial it is to get decent accommodation for our holidays. Not only will that help you keep up with your recommended amount of sleep, which can be tricky at times when we’re far from home, but it’ll ensure that you feel comfortable with your surroundings.
Finding the right accommodation often means asking yourself whether you’re after a quiet retreat with someone like Peaceful France or a combination of entertainment and activities through a company like Robinson. It’s pretty easy nowadays to get recommendations and reviews for places, but consider how city central you want your hotel to be and whether self-catering or all-inclusive matches your style.

Stay on Top of Your Eating Habits

Holidays are a treat, so it’s easy to want to treat ourselves, but you know what they say… all good things in moderation. Good tips for dining on holiday essentially boil down to doing the same as you’d do back home, although preferably without forgoing any local delicacies.
Of course, some dietary commitments are easier to hold onto in some destinations versus others. Temptation can seem to be everywhere overseas, but the locals have got your back. For instance, in Italian cities like Venice, the famous gelato is available in sugar-free variants. Similarly, with vegan and vegetarian eateries opening their doors ever more worldwide, it’s easy for even the most selective of palates to be appeased if you know where to look.
Places such as the Wala Room in Torremolinos, Spain mix a vibrant menu with vegan ingredients. Of course, if you’re going the self-catering route, check out the local farmer’s markets for authentic fruit, veg and food you won’t find on the high street.

Water and More

Naturally, whether you’re home or away, a handy supply of water is always a wise plan. It’s pretty easy to see which countries guarantee safe drinking water from the tap, but of course, bottled water or local juices are a much safer bet.
Staying hydrated is massively important, especially in warmer climates. That said, a lot of the destinations you can visit worldwide have some pretty nice outlooks on keeping you topped up on water. In Iceland, water refills for your bottle are often free wherever you roam, with their crisp water often topping the polls. Scandinavian countries in general have superb drinking water on tap, although more exotic locales like Colombia or environmentally minded Costa Rica aren’t to be forgotten either.

Staying Active

While relaxing is all well and good, you’re likely to want to stay active during your holiday. This could be as simple as taking a tour on foot of your chosen city break, or walking the promenade by the shore. Likewise, bike hire is often a great way to both
keep active and see as much of your surroundings as possible.
In many respects, it pays to tap into local culture when staying active. Flamenco dancing in Spain or a winery tour in Italy nourish both mind and body, while keeping you out and about. For a more daring escapade, take to rafting down the rivers of Canada or ziplining above the countless theme parks of Greece, or even the famous Bochetta Way trail through Italy’s Alps.
A healthy holiday is easily had when you know the best means by which to adapt your lifestyle to your destination. With some smart research and a knowledge of the coming climate, you can ensure that this holiday does more for your health than even your regimen at home.

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