Winter Health // Keeping The Bugs At Bay

Sambucol Vitamins

I think it’s widely known in the parenting community that kids are the biggest, walking, talking germ carriers in the world.

Once they start nursery or school, that’s it, everyone in your family will come down, one after the other, with whatever bug is going round. 

Whether that’s a cold, conjunctivitis or scarlet fever, you can bet the second your kid sniffs it out, it’s already spreading like wildfire in your household. 

Little darlings……

Ask them to share a slice of cake though, that’s a whole other matter. 

We have started to (touch wood) get through the winter months with less and less illnesses, I think partly due to the fact that the kids are older and less up in each others grill, and partly because I like to ply them with antibacterial hand gel as often as I can.

But, when we do catch bugs, we catch them good and proper. 

It’s all about balance. 

I’m a huge believer of supplements and vitamins, especially ones you can’t get through diet alone, or, not enough of anyway.

Sambucol is one of those food supplements, packed with black elderberries which contain twice the antioxidants of blueberries and more than 50% of cranberries.

There would need to be a shed load of berries eaten to get the same benefits. 

I’m quite lucky in that my youngest will happily munch on fruit and veg all day long, offer him chocolate or olives and he’ll go for olives 80% of the time, but my teenager is almost impossible to feed healthy options to. She would much rather shovel unhealthy food in than have anything that looks like it might have health benefits. So, vitamins and supplements are very much vital for her! 

If it’s something that can be taken quickly and without taste, even better – I know it’s not the best way to get all the nutrients you need, but when you’re dealing with teenagers, it’s a case of what works!

Until she starts choosing to eat fruit as a snack, I’ll keep giving her all the supplements she needs! And, despite being a football crazy 8 year old, offer him a vitamin shaped like a teddy bear and he is going to be all over that!

One or two teddies a day and he gets 80mg of vitamin c and 1000mg of black elderberry, and an immunity boost to go with it. I’m all for making life easier, and this ticks one of those boxes! 

Do you take vitamins or supplements? Which ones are on your ‘must take’ list? 





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