Party Like It’s 2018 // New Year’s Eve At The Shard

Shard London NYE

Guess what? It’s another Christmas post! And, no, I don’t care that’s only November. You’ll be thanking me for making you so organised when it gets to December, just you watch. 

The irony is not lost on me that I will be nowhere near organised come December. 

Anyway. Christmas and New Year is a big old time of celebration. However you choose to celebrate. With family, escaping to a snowy mountain, getting dressed up, staying in PJ’s – it all feels so decadent and special, because it’s Christmas! 

It really is the most wonderful time of the year! 

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and covered in glitter. I personally never need an excuse to do this, and with Discount London holding a NYE Party at The Shard this year, it is a serious way to start 2018 in style! 

Shard London NYE

Greeted with a cocktail? Yes please. Views over London, DJ Santero, glamour and glitz? Hell yes. 

Then, as midnight strikes, the chance to see the fireworks from the top of The Shard, without being crushed by a million people – how incredible does that sound?

Obviously there will be a glass of champagne to toast the new year. It just sounds so amazing, the atmosphere will be electric! 

I’ve never been brave enough to head into London for NYE, it’s the sheer amount of people that gets me feeling a bit anxious. Plus I’m always worried I will lose the smallest child.

He’s so fast and so nosy that he would be off inspecting something before I even have a chance to handcuff him to me. I have developed a vice like grip when it comes to kids and crowds, no one can escape my hands, but it still wakes me up at night!

If, however, you’re child free, you know, by choice or by babysitters, and you’re up for a party with a difference, this is one way to go! 

Tickets cost £199 per person (adults only) and that includes a goodie bag at the end of the evening with a mini bottle of Lanson, a flute, REN skincare and more secret ingredients. 

There is definitely no party like a New Year’s Eve party at The View from The Shard – a one-off lifetime experience that will live on in your memory for years to come!

Shard London NYE

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