How To Take Care Of Your Feet In Winter

How To Take Care Of Your Feet In Winter

Being a busy parent, it can be easy to neglect yourself, and we’re not talking about washing your hair or putting your makeup on. No, we’re talking about your feet. It’s amazing to think that this part of our body carries us around every day, is put under an incredible amount of pressure, wear and tear and yet we treat them so very poorly!

Whether it’s tight shoes, dry skin, ingrown toenails or bad smells – we all might be guilty of not spending enough time on our feet. But don’t worry, here we’ve gathered a few hints and tips about how you can easily treat your feet and hopefully keep them healthy for years to come.

Be Wary of Verrucas and Warts//

During this time of year, we’ve got the heating up high, we have our thickest socks on and our feet sweat more. It’s during this time that we need to be wary of fungal infections, contracting verruca’s and warts. Verrucas love warm moist skin, in fact they thrive in these conditions and are very contagious and easily spread in such environments!

If you do find yourself with an unsightly verruca, then don’t despair. There are plenty of treatments available, including verruca microwave therapy by Swift. You can visit a podiatrist, or speak to your chemist about possible treatment options.

Give Your Toes A Breather//

Do you like to paint your toenails? During this time of year, we often get our toes out in some beautiful shoes for the party season, but it’s also good to give your feet a break from nail polish now and again. Regularly removing nail polish and applying a fresh coat can maintain the amount of bacteria and fungal hibernating underneath, so give your toes a break now and again.

Be Footwear Conscious//

This time of year, we can be tempted to pull on last years boots and just make do. Fashion-wise, find footwear that has room up-front. Imagine yourself playing the piano with your toes. If your toes move freely without feeling musically restricted, this is a good fit. The technical term is a deep toe box. If you’re not sure what size you are, a good shoe shop will measure your feet. Width and height of the front of the shoe is vital to ultimate foot comfort.

Dry Feet//

Everyone suffers with dry, callous skin from time to time, but in winter can be more apparent. There are many home treatments you can treat yourself with. Simple things such as olive oil and sea salt replenish the skin of lost moisture and gently remove layers of superficial dead skin.
Use plenty of moisturiser, lotions and an exfoliator to remove dead skin cells.

Cold Feet//

Having cold feet is a common problem in winter. A brilliant way to restore the heat is to use a foot cream in circular motions from the heel up to the toes. This will not only warm your feet but also moisturise them at the same time.


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