Happy New Year! // 18 Goals For 2018

18 Goals for 2018

Two thousand and eighteen! Can you actually believe it? I’m not sure if I feel like it came around quickly, or if it took forever, but, here it is! 2017 wasn’t my favourite year, not by a LONG shot, so I am more than happy to see the back of it. 

With the new year comes all of the normal “New Year, New Me!” crap that we see, everywhere. But I have come to learn that actually, new years resolutions tend to be full of hype (maybe all the sugar from Christmas) and they come crashing down to earth before we’ve even got to February. 

I’ve made many a resolution, lose weight, go to the gym, stop eating (food) and, I’ve stuck to the grand total of NONE OF THEM.

January is already miserable, we’ve (most of us) had time off work and school with our families, we’ve had all the good food and drink we could possibly stomach and we’ve watched Christmas films on repeat for two weeks solid. Now it’s back to getting up when it’s dark, counting the pennies and doing the housework and we want to add to that misery? 

No thank you. 

What I do love about a new year though, is the fresh start feeling it gives you. It might just be another day, but it’s a like a whole blank page, ready for anything and everything. You can look back at the past year and see where you’ve gone wrong, what you want to change, do more of, how you’ve grown as a person and you can think about the future in a new light. 

With that in mind, when the lovely Hannah from What Hannah Did Next asked me if I wanted to be tagged in a 18 goals for 2018 post, my immediate thought was YES! 

I’m not going to lie, when I started, thinking of 18 goals, I thought it was going to be tough, but actually, it’s not been that hard, because these aren’t all life changing goals or mind bending goals, they’re little goals, some are bigger than others, but they all have the same thing in common, happiness. 

Because for me, 2018 has to be the year of happiness. 

Start My New Job 

Kicking off with the biggest thing to happen to me in December, employment! I’m really looking forward to getting back into work, after being at home for the best part of 2017, it’s a big step to go back to ‘work work’, but one I can’t wait for. I’ll be working in a Sure Start Centre, which is an information and advice centre for parents of children aged 0-5 and it is just so ME. I want to get stuck in and learn everything there is learn, meet new people and see if I can make a difference. 

Get Off The Phone 

When you remove the phone from the teenagers hands and the iPad from the 8 year old, they become different people. Not straight away, because there’s that whole ‘sulking’ period they go through, but, once they’ve realised they’re not getting them back, it becomes calmer. It’s so easy to lose a teenager to their room, only to see them for food breaks, and Charlie seems to get into this haze of hyperactivity if he watches too many YouTube videos, so by removing them from the equation, even once a week, I think it’s going to help. 

The bloke and I are the same, I can sit there, scrolling through Instagram, brain dead, but I’ll get annoyed with someone for interrupting me!? And he seems to go deaf when he’s looking at his phone. It’s like eyes work, ears stop. So I want to get us all off the apple products and out into the fresh air, and maybe we’ll all look up at the same time! 

Wear Lipstick Everyday

I told you they weren’t all huge things! I love lipstick, I own a million (that’s not true, don’t tell the bloke that) and yet I never wear it! Why? Because when I do, everyone goes “ooooh you’re wearing lipstick” and then the world and his wife turns to stare at my lips. So, this year, I’m going to whack a lipstick on every time I do my make up. School run, Sainsburys, work, wherever I am. 

Enjoy Blogging Again 

I have fallen out of love with blogging. When it becomes your job, the way you earn all of your money, it’s quite hard to find inspiration. I am far better suited to this being my hobby. Already I feel better about things, knowing that if I have nothing to say, I don’t have to say anything! I bet you’re glad about that too aren’t you! 

Drink More Water 

I am shocking at this. I’m aiming for 2l a day. I know it should be more, but there’s no point going gung ho and getting nowhere. 

Spend Time Together

By the time we both get to sit down in the evening, the last thing we feel like doing is going out. But, just spending a couple of hours a month together makes a huge difference to our relationship. We all seem to forget that good marriages take work, they don’t just happen. 

We’ve been together for 20 years and we know each other inside out and back to front, but we’re human, we’re still growing and learning, so it’s important to sit down and talk, remember why we married each other and laugh together.

Get Up Earlier 

Kind of have no choice in this one now (see goal 1!) but I’m already dreading the earlier starts for the kids. We’re all going to have to be up, and out, of the door by 7.30am 3 days a week. When you think that this morning at 7.30, I had one child running around like a headless chicken because she snoozed her alarm, and one one moaning that he hated school and it’s not fair that he has to get up, you can see why it might be a struggle. I’m sending them subliminal messages as we speak. 


The amount of rubbish I get in my inbox each day is ridiculous. I usually just delete them when they come in, but I’m going to start unsubscribing. A couple of extra clicks here and there and they should hopefully be gone forever!

Read More 

Read more everything. Books, magazines, stories with C at bedtime. I have literally replaced everything with my phone and it’s terrible! Whatever happens in my phone will still be there once I’ve finished reading. I have a huge pile of books I want to get through, and I’m even debating joining an (online) book club. How can you write good words if you don’t even read them? 

Focus On Happiness

This is a big one. Another of 2017’s lessons. Of course, I want other people to be happy, and I will do my best to facilitate that in whatever way I can, but – I can’t place all of my eggs in someone else’s basket.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

If there’s no happiness in my life, then I can’t give it to anyone else. So, I need to find my own happy. I want to look less at the negative shit and more on the positive. Because there will always be negativity – not enough money, not enough time, not enough whatever. I’m trying to teach myself that focusing on these doesn’t make them smaller, it makes them bigger. They take up more time! There is so much to be happy about and I refuse to spend another year being miserable. 

Stop Counting The Numbers 

This applies to SO many things. The number on the scales, in my jeans, on my Instagram account, my blog traffic, my engagement. Every single day is about counting numbers and all it ever does is make me compare MY numbers, to someone else’s. 

This year I am going to try my hardest to stop comparing myself to other people. I don’t care if they have a smaller pair of jeans, if they have 10k on Insta and have the swipe up feature. I don’t care if they reach a million subscribers. I’m not them, and they’re not me. 

I was speaking to a friend this week about diets and weight, and I asked her, if we all looked exactly the same, would we want to change how we looked? We decided, no, we probably wouldn’t. Which to me, shows that we’re not looking at who we are, we’re looking at who we are compared to someone else. 

Do you know what? None of it matters at the end of the day. It’s all just appearances. If you’re happy, content, who gives a toss what number is on anything. 

Go On Holiday

Jesus we need a holiday. I don’t need to go anywhere exotic, although it would be nice, but I do need it to be not be in a tent. FYI. I want to get on a plane, get away and relax. We work bloody hard, I think it’s fair. 

Go To Bed Earlier

I am a night owl. I can stay awake until the sun comes up, but I cannot get out of bed happily. I am going to force myself to get into bed at 9pm and switch off everything at 10pm at least 3 nights a week. Wish me luck. I’m already laughing to myself about this goal, guarantee this is the hardest one! 

Appreciate My People

I don’t need a massive circle, it’s not who I am. I have my good friends and my close family and I’ve come to realise that’s enough for me. I don’t want to fight for people’s attention anymore. I’ve had enough of beating myself up over other peoples behaviour. They can do them, and I’ll do me. 

Have Fun

This is the big one for me this year. I want it to be filled with fun and laughter. I want the kids to have an amazing year, I want to have an amazing year! Just getting out there and doing stuff that’s good for the soul. I want to plan something each month, something to look forward to, if it’s a concert, a film, a trip, whatever it is, we are going to have fun. 

Food Choices

I’m going to try (try!) to choose food based on it’s benefits to my body, rather than my weight. I’ve done so many diets – newsflash, they don’t work! – I think I’ve actually confused myself. But, we all know what’s good for you and what’s not. I want to eat more of the good stuff. Even if it’s screaming at me THIS IS NOT SLIMMING WORLD FRIENDLY. And, on that note, if you’re telling me a Mars Bar is less syns than an avocado, then Slimming World, I know you’re screwed up! I’m eating for health, healthy skin, healthy body, healthy mind. 

Be More Positive

I think that’s a good one to end on! I’m very much the kind of person who gets annoyed at things easily, especially things that are unjust, or unfair. But really, it’s usually just me that it bothers, and that defeats the object really! 2018 is the year where I’m going to try and let that crap go. Let it all go and just see the positive side of things, no matter how hard it might be, there’s always a flip side to any situation. 

So there we have it, my 18 goals for 2018! They’re not unrealistic or difficult (she says!) and there is nothing in there that is about depriving myself or punishing myself, and that’s what I want this year to be. 

Have you got any goals for 2018? What are they? I’d love to hear them! I think the world and his wife have been tagged in this post, but if you haven’t been, like you Carissa from Little Likely Lads, then consider yourself tagged 😉 





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  1. January 5, 2018 / 2:07 pm

    Oh congrats on the job! I’m so pleased and well done for getting something that will really make a difference 🙂 x

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