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5 Modern Technologies I Couldn’t Live Without.

5 Modern Technologies I Couldn't Live Without.

Sometimes, to make myself feel really old, I like to remind my kids that there were days without internet, catch-up TV, or even Instagram.

I really was bought up in the dark ages!

I remember arranging to meet friends on the phone (the house phone that is) and then having to be there, in the right place, at the right time because there was no way of changing it once we’d left the house. Even as an adult, in my first job, I had to use fax machines and dial up internet. It sounds laughable now!

I love how technology has changed our lives. Being married to a serious tech expert I can’t escape it, it’s part of our lives in every single way.

I don’t think we ever watch ‘normal’ TV now, (apart from Love Island obviously), we speak to Siri more than we speak to some family and we won’t even imagine what life would be like without broadband.

5 Modern Technologies I Couldn't Live Without.

Sometimes, I do think life would be easier without so much technology, being available all the time has it’s pros and cons but there are some pieces of modern technology that I just could not live without.

1: Online Banking

I am far from loaded, but I do like to know where my bank balance is at. Starling Bank is one of the new styles of banking, it’s all done online, with all the usual features but with added extras like alerts, visuals on where your money has gone and easy ways to save extra pennies. It beats all other banking systems hands down.

2: My Phone

Obviously. I was going to put this as number one but I’d hate to be predictable. If there was ever an emergency, and I lost my phone, I’d only be able to call myself because it’s the only number commiytted to memory. Which is, you know, helpful.

It has my calendar, my kids calendar, shopping lists, web pages, the list is endless, all within a tiny little device that never leaves my side.

3: WiFi

Thank GOD the days of dial-up are gone. That irritating noise while you sat and waited, impatiently, to connect to the world wide web. I do think we’ve been a bit spoiled by the wonder that is WiFi. Should it ever dare to slow down, or, heaven forbid, stop working, it’s like the whole world has crashed! The real techs out there have back up plans from data only sim deals, so if they ever get stuck somewhere without the wonder that is WiFi they can still connect their tablets or laptops with a sim, just like the ones we use in our phones!

It’s like the WiFi God’s have got our backs, no matter where we are in the world, we can be sure we’re connected and there are a huge selection to choose from!

4: Apple News

The bloke was telling me forEVER to download the app onto my phone, saying I would really rate it. Me, being me, had zero interest in a news app, my phone was for fun times only. I’m pretty sure I only downloaded it to shut him up, but, turns out it’s actually quite interesting and useful. Plus, it’s not just serious news. I can have all my favourite mags, wellbeing & food all in one place. Who knew!

5: Instagram

Well, duh.


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