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5 things to consider before riding a motorcycle

For some people, getting behind the wheel of a car just doesn’t excite them enough. They prefer power, speed and the exhilaration that comes with travelling at speed and getting from A to B in style. These are probably the main reasons why people opt for motorcycle training. 

However, there are some stark differences between riding a motorcycle and driving a car, and not just the fact that you’re going down from two wheels to four. Here we’re going to look at 5 things you should consider before riding a motorcycle.

Road accidents are common

Sadly, many road accidents involve motorcycle riders, cars and trucks and you can probably guess who usually comes off worse – click the link for a truck accident lawyer near me. Many motorcyclists take additional safety courses, so they can learn to drive defensively and reduce the chances of them being involved in a road accident.

It’s expensive 

Of course, we all know how expensive cars are. However, motorcycles always come with a pretty hefty price tag. From the bike itself to the high-quality helmet you’re going to need. The leathers and safety equipment that will protect your skin and your body should you have an accident. Plus, bike maintenance, additional safety courses and the high insurance premiums. 

You always need to be on high alert

Most accidents occur because other motorists fail to look for and spot motorcycle riders in time, which means that all riders need to be on high alert when getting from A to B. It’s hard work, and often makes riding a motorcycle stressful.

Passengers are a big no-no

You’re probably excited at the idea of riding along with one of your friends on the back. However, learning to ride a bike is one thing, but having another person on the back is a whole different ball game. Changes to the weight and suspension affect your balance and the stability of the bike, which means you’ll have to work twice as hard to keep yourself and your passenger on the bike, as well as maintaining control. 

You should avoid something overly powerful

If you pass your driving test, it’s usually a bad idea to go from an instructor’s car to a sports car. The same logic applies when selecting a motorbike. It makes much more sense to find a bike that is ideal for beginners and then as your confidence increases, you can increase the power of your motorbike. 


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