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6 Ways To Up The Cosy Factor At Home With Wayfair

You might have noticed a slight Christmas theme recently, including the traditions we’ve kept from our childhood and bought into our own little family, in collaboration with Wayfair. 

It’s no secret that I absolutely love this time of year, the cold, bright days, the magic of Christmas on the horizon, twinkly lights, mulled wine, it’s just all so flipping beautiful and I can’t get enough of all of it. 

For me, it’s my favourite time to be at home too, the evenings get dark quickly, which is the perfect excuse to get cosy and comfortable on the sofa with your loved ones. I seriously think I should move to Norway, where hygge was actually created. Because that is my lifestyle, all wrapped up in a big fluffy blanket. 

I love looking for ideas and inspiration, as well as doing a little window shopping, so while I was looking for Christmas decorations on Wayfair, I may have spotted a few other bits and bobs that have made their way into my saved items…….! (There is no may not, I have completely saved a whole load of things!) 

I’ve picked out six of them here, which, I think give you the perfect setting for a cosy weekend at home. If we had snow, a Chinese takeaway coming and a whole series on Netflix to watch, I think I’d have my perfect evening. 

3 Blanket Framed Graphic Art Print Set

Callicoat 3 Seater Chesterfield Sofa

I have always loved Chesterfield sofas, but not the leather kind so this is a dreamy combination of style and fabric. It looks so comfortable, perfect for weekend movies and popcorn.  

Kodiak Blanket

Is this not the dream blanket? Imagine you’re in a chalet, somewhere snowy and beautiful, wrapped in this. Or, maybe just at home on the sofa, watching the evening roll by with your favourite candle lit and the chance to get your hygge on. 

‘Not Far Away’ 3 Piece Framed Graphic Art Print Set

Framed artwork really adds a finishing touch to your room, these three tick all the boxes, a good quote and great style. 

0.4L Mug 50 cm Wall Clock Scatter Cushion

0.4L Mug

No cosy weekend is complete without a huge mug of hot chocolate. At this time of year, I’m thinking Baileys is allowed too. 

Classy 50 cm Wall Clock

I love this black and copper clock, it’s a classic style clock with just a simple twist and will work well in any room. 

Pelham Scatter Cushion

I am a cushion addict. My husband always wonders why we would possibly need more, but can you really ever have too many? This velvet cushion in saffron with white edging gives the grey sofa (and walls) a pop of colour.

Cushions are probably the easiest way to give the room a different feel, and it can be done on the cheap, which is always a bonus, especially at this time of year. Don’t be afraid to go wild with colours and patterns, the brighter, the bolder, the better, in my opinion. If you’re scared of adding too much colour, plain blankets and throws can be a safe way of bringing hygge to your home, this synthetic Mongolian fur one will wrap you up in a huge hug, and look good while it’s just thrown across the back of the sofa. 

If, like me, you like your living room to have colour, texture and pattern, then Christmas is literally your chance to crazy with it all. No one will tell you the colours don’t match, because, it’s Christmas. And you might find that once you’ve started experimenting, you’ll never want to go back to plain and matching again!






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