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The Acne Battle – Young & Old(er)

The Acne Battle - Young & Old(er)

Hands up if you have hormones? Oh, you do? Yay you….. 

I’d like to invite you to my house, where you could see a shed load of hormones in action. Mine, the teenagers and the 9 year old boy who seems to have testosterone surges as often as we have PMT. You can see why the husband works away so much huh….. 

Now, I’ve done A-Level biology. I know all about hormones and how important they are, but I’ve got to tell you, there are some that I could quite happily live without. 

The spot causing ones. Like you couldn’t guess. 

I am a chin sufferer. The teenager is a forehead sufferer. Between us we have amazingly clear cheeks. 

I’ve managed to get mine under some control (touch wood) and only really suffer for that one week a month, where I tend to get one or two, pointless, unsqueezable, painful bumps on my chin that no amount of make up can cover because it’s red, shiny and painful. If I manage to drink enough water, avoid white food and too much dairy (also the culprits to my IBS issues) I can kind of get away with a lesser version. If it’s a bad month and I’m eating and drinking what I shouldn’t, then, watch out chin, you’re about to double in size. 

My teenager though, bless her, drinks nothing BUT water, granted she tries her hardest to avoid fruit and veg and isn’t the best at cleaning her face or her make up brushes but she just can’t get rid of the forehead acne without a little bit of medical help. We haven’t got as far as tablets like Oxytetracycline tablets for acne because, being the mum that is always going on about the benefits of fish oil for the skin, I’d rather we went down that route as a last resort. But she has had topical creams which have helped – when she remembers to use it. 

I cannot get her to take fish oil because she hates fish with a vengeance –  I’m always telling her to eat fish to get better skin, ironic no!? But one day I’m sure she will finally listen to her mother. Either that or she’ll grow out of the acne. 

I’m just clinging onto the fact that oilier skin might mean more spots, but less wrinkles. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway…..! 



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